Pr0n Industry Temp sez: “Rules Are For Peasants”

As you’re no doubt well aware, True North – my other blog – deleted a contributor yesterday for plagiarism.

True North took immediate action.  Unlike other local blogs with printed codes of ethics, we actually acted…ethically, when an ethical infraction surfaced.

Some of the usual lefty suspects jumped up and down like poo-flinging howler monkeys, of course (ironically, of course, in Eva Young’s case, given her habit of copying and pasting entire comment threads).

But dig a little further; the post that Eva links to in the post above is…well, still more irony.

Joe “Learned Foot” Tucci from KAR also noticed, and dug a little further; it’d seem former pr0n industry temp worker and Eva’s pal and fellow obsessive blogger copy-and-paster Ken “Avidor” Weiner is on ethically ironic ground in commenting on the Seventh Son (emphasis added):

Weiner stole some pics from our good friend Ben’s blog. Ben, in a comment section (the cowardly Weiner supplies no email address), politely asked Weiner to take the pictures down. Weiner, displaying the class he become known for, deleted Ben’s comments, restricted outsiders from commenting, and promised to keep stealing the intellectual property of others.


Do these people actually have ethics? 

You can read Ben’s post about this here.

What makes Avidor-Weiner’s actions especially laughable, is that immediately above the first post containing stolen material flagged by Ben, is a post ripping on a plagiarism flap at True North (captured in beautiful haiku here).

 Yet another “prominent” leftyblogger (or at least one who is cited with breathless credulity by the local Sorosphere) is caught with his ethical pants down.  So what will their side do about it?

Will Blogger Copy-and-Paster Young continue to breathlessly support Ken “Avidor” Weiner, thief and coward?

Tucci notes that the “rules” have morphed a bit…

With the explosion of online publishing, things are now a little bit different. Instead of the old way of asking permission before using someone else’s property, now it’s pretty much the norm to take first and ask for forgiveness later. I think that’s a fair trade off and efficient way of doing things.

…and the problem we face: 

I don’t think anyone with an iota of class or integrity would refuse to take down a picture posted on his or her blog if the owner of that picture asked. In fact I have obliged such a complaint in the past. It’s called class. It’s called respecting the rights and the property of others.

I’ve honored such requests as well.

It’s that “class” and “integrity” bit.  Or at least “not being a juvenile”.

 Blogger Copy-and-Paster Young also snivels:

Normally blogs link to posts so people can go view them for themselves. Berg does that sometimes, when he cites a post from Lloydletta or Dump Bachmann. More often, he will not link to the post, then misrepresent the content.

I realize I’m in danger of using the word “irony” too much in one post – but dammit, it fits.

7 thoughts on “Pr0n Industry Temp sez: “Rules Are For Peasants”

  1. If I’m caught going to where Weiner is with a video camera to try to get footage of him to edit for my amusement, get back to me on that “stalking” bit.

    He’s an intellectual property thief. Do we get to call him on that?

    When did you start defending ethical turpitude?

  2. I don’t know that it’s stalking a stalker so much as pushing a Grade A asshole to stop using copyrighted material without permission.

    I do agree, however, that linking to Avidor’s schizophrenic screeds only servers to further drive his mania.

  3. linking to Avidor’s schizophrenic screeds only servers to further drive his mania

    Of course.

    And that train really is leaving the station.

    It’s just that sometimes when there’s a big, fat piñata hanging there, the urge to take a whack at it is overwhelming. Even if it only breaks open to disgorge old copies of Screw.

  4. David tried to post a comment on Avidor’s site yesterday before he put up his no comment post, pointing out that he had no role in the post he was woofing about and doesn’t even blog at Anti-Strib. I told him it was useless and sure enough, Avidor deleted David’s comment when he stopped the comments. We are a little used to the unflattering pictures of us on the web, there’s just not too much that can be done about it. As a poster on HCF on Anti-Strib, it would be a little hypocritical of me to complain about copyright.

  5. I hereby grant Ken Weiner and the Dumpster Queen a limited license to hang a tastefully framed picture of me flipping them off in any prominent spot in their homes they wish.

    In fact, I’d be happy to personalize their portraits with a nice autograph.

    Oh, and of course AssClown is included as well.

  6. “When did you start defending ethical turpitude?”

    I’m not defending anything, just pointing out your hypocrisy in the whole ordeal. At least it is keeping you away from something that may really matter. So there is some positive in it. *laughing*


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