Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

I have broken the Tenth Commandment.

Quotes from “the Governor”:

“Under our administration, state government will do only what is necessary – no more, no less,”

[in] his first day in office [the governor authorized his Attorney General] to join a lawsuit challenging federal health care reform. Democrats, who controlled state government until Monday, had prevented the…attorney general from doing that last year.

[the Governor] was interrupted 14 times by applause, the loudest and most sustained coming when he declared: “What is failing us is not our people or our places. What is failing us is the expanse of government. But we can do something about it right here, right now, today.”

[the Governor proposed legislators, in special session, move to] give tax breaks to business owners and income tax credits for contributions to health savings accounts; reduce business regulations; provide protections from lawsuits; give the governor more say in state rule making; turn the state Department of Commerce into a partly private entity to focus on job creation; and require a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of the Legislature to approve any increases to the state sales, income and franchise taxes.

[the Governor] also promised to improve education, protect natural resources, honor the role of family and “right-size state government by ensuring government is providing only the essential services our citizens need and our taxpayers can afford.”

“Let me be clear on one thing: Increasing taxes is off the table – as it will counter our efforts to provide economic growth”

“[This State] is open for business.”

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Governor.

Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Governor Dayton was heard to say


9 thoughts on “Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

  1. Governor Fauntelroy: “I’m willing to work with the MNGOP majority – as long as education, public works and LGA spending are completely off the table”.

  2. As I said before, Governor Walker has balls.

    It will never be Sioux Falls or Texas when it comes to being pro-business, but look for good things to occur there in the next couple of years.

  3. Here’s a good one…..state agencies have huge power (as of course do Fed’l agencies) to impose new regulations…basically laws that no law makers vote on.

    Walker said that every new regulation, no exceptions, will pass by his desk for him to read and approve. If he doesn’t approve the new regulation, it does not get implemented. Almost like a Iowahawk parady, the Democrats in Madison said that there are so many new regulations being forced on the state by various state departements (not state legislature), that Walker will have no time to read them all.

    Of course Republicans say, why is there is the flood of new rules constantly coming out of Madison?

  4. In related news, sales of Pepto Bismal spiked in Madison this weekend, with Pepsid AC futures trading briskly. Suicide hotlines are asking for additional volunteers.

  5. Flash forward, June 5th, 2012. Governor Dayton running naked down John Ireland Blvd. shouting “Soylent Green is people!!!!”

  6. Lessee…..Tommy Thompson was there while James Sanos was here, then we had T-Paw while they had whazzisname…now they’ve got Walker while we’ve got Dayton.

    Proof conclusive that either Minnesota or Wisconsin gets a sane governor, but not both.

  7. Flash forward, June 5th, 2012. Governor Dayton running naked down John Ireland Blvd. shouting “Soylent Green is people!!!!”

    No Kerm, he will be worried about an invasion from Canada, or Iowa possibly.

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