At The Victory Party

I’m at the Sheraton for the GOP’s victory party.  Early word – unconfirmed – is that turnout in Duluth and the Twin Cities is a little low. I haven’t gotten any but anecdotal confirmation that turnout in “red” Minnesota is high, but the anecdotal feedback is good.

We shall see.

Liveblogging will be a tad light, but I”ll do what I can here…

7:35: TV guys are firing up.  Early results are looking good so far.

7:47 – Bandwidth is tight; hard to update Twitter.

UPDATE 11/3:  And then our bandwidth situation went from bad to ridiculous, and a bunch of stuff happened, and we took control of the US House and flipped both chambers of the MN Legislature and Bachmann and Kline won by one point more than my optimistic predictions and Erik Paulsen shredded Jim Meffert by 21 and proved that the “conventional wisdom” about the Third District is bullpucks and then Chip Cravaack pulled ahead and stayed there and Tom Emmer ended up so freaking close it hurts, and then we went home.

5 thoughts on “At The Victory Party

  1. George W. Bush, Nov. 2006: “We got thumped”.
    Barack H. Obama, Nov. 2010: “We need to come together in a bipartisan partnership”.

    Bite me, Barry.

  2. The whole internet thing seems slow tonight. Anyway…so far Wisconsin seems much more progressive than Minnesota. Walker won, Johnson (YES) won!!!! Go back to Madison, Russ. And surprise….successful businessman Kapanke in the 3rd CD (La Crosse-Eau Claire-Hudson) is close to goofy Ron Kind. Duffy will be a pickup in Ashland (wish I was up there tonight), and we may pick up Green Bay/Appleton CD (I can’t remember the numbers).

    Hoeven won (no surprise) in North Dakota.

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