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Remember a few weeks ago, when “Common Cause Minnesota” – a “non-partisan” organization that seeks “transparency” in campaigning (also speech rationing) – filed a complaint against the pro-business PAC “Minnesota’s Future” because it got a contribution from the Republican Governor’s Association.

To help illustrate the financial trail behind Citizens For A Better Minnesota’s complaint, I’ve prepared this graphic to show you the money trail involved.

Pretty crazy-complicated, huh?  Those folks at Common Cause Minnesota sure know how to protect all us stooped citizens, don’t they?

So courtesy of Derek Brigham, let’s take a look at the transparent, clear, path that money takes in getting to the Dayton campaign from…well, you take a look.

Now, I’m no accountant.  I asked Common Cause to come on the Northern Alliance a couple of weeks ago to discuss their complaint.  I heard nothing back – not so much as a tweet.

8 thoughts on “Follow The Bouncing Money

  1. So you are saying that only Republican Governor’s contribute to the Republican Governor’s association? Why do I get constant donation letters from them? And those GOP Governor’s must be a pretty wealthy bunch to kick in s just the last few months.

    Let me help you, just in Maine:

    A campaign finance report filed by the Republican Governors Association, or RGA, PAC shows large donations from big, out-of-state businesses and organizations. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce donated $225,000 and Maximus Inc., a Virginia-based government services company that is the leading administrator of Medicaid services, gave $50,000 to the RGA Maine 2010 PAC.

    Other companies giving $25,000 to the Maine-based RGA group include Asher’s of Souderton, Pa.; Castellin Co. of Cincinnati; Property Casualty Insurers Association of America of Des Plaines, Ill.; ResCare Inc. of Louisville, Ky.; Shamrock Foods Company of Phoenix; and Sellers Dorsey & Associates LLC of Philadelphia.

    Sounds like more than jsut Republican Governor’s to me.

    Glad I could help


  2. I popped that Alliance for a BM flier in the mail for you yesterday, Mitch.

    Glad I could help.

  3. Recall that the pro-gay group HRC was the leader in anti-Target/Best Buy/Red Wing Shoes, etc crusade. But really they are just another Democrat front group who has the media on their side. Note the $25,000 contribution to Dayton.

  4. Wow; Flush has a point….at the top of his head.

    Derek should do a flow chart for how money moves in the Sorosphere sometime; it’d put any hood rat grafitti artist to shame.

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