George Soros’ Crack Investigative Journalists Strike Again

Joe Bodell – RentABlogger with SorosTemps “citizen journalist” at the Minnesota Monitor – has found a major mystery.

But first:


OK.  Where were we?

Oh, yeah.  Crack citizen journalist Joe Bodell has found himself a mystery to try to solve:

So what is  If you go to the website, you get a message from the Joomla software running that the site is down for maintenance.  But digging a little deeper (legally and without trickery, of course) reveals at least a few details

Address: answer:
Address: doesn’t do much — it’s owned by Comcast out in Michigan, and doesn’t have a public-facing website associated with it.  However, plug into your web browser, and what do you get?  Whaddaya know, a Minnesota-based conservative group blog known as  Although an nslookup search on reveals a different non-authoritative answer, the same primary server at IP address appears in the results as well.

Bodell proceeds to do everything but…

Wait a minute…:

True North Teaser

…Sorry.  had to get that out of the way.

Bodell then goes all Chloe O’Brien on us, trying to figure out exactly what True North and its domain “” are all about.


Now, if I were a “citzen journalist” on the payroll of a mighty news outlet like the Minnesota Monitor, where would I go to try to get to the bottom of this mystery?

When one is reporting a tricky story like this, one needs to look carefully for signs – sometimes very, very subtle ones…


…that someone is “in the know” about the conspiracy mystery.  Sometimes, when you do that, approaching them – this is almost indistinguishable from magic, to the non-“citizen journalist”, but bear with me – with a “question” might actually get you some answers.

So think, Joe.  Think hard.

True North

Is there anyone out there, any faint hint you can find that someone might perhaps have some information about the story?

Think, Joe Bodell.  Set the blender of that finely-honed citizenjournalistic mind on “Puree”, and think hardWho could you possibly simply ask for details about True North?

The truth is out there!

True North Teaser

It is.  Somewhere.

It just takes superhuman tenacity along with otherworldly investigative skill.

I know you’re up to it.

21 thoughts on “George Soros’ Crack Investigative Journalists Strike Again

  1. Angryclown has solved the mystery! The star on that Captain America shield thing is right over Crane Lake, Minnesota. Go there and dig for all you’re worth! Angryclown guarantees you’ll find some treasure or the body of Jimmy Hoffa or something else really cool!

    Or maybe this is just a lot of hype for yet another right-wing propagandablog.

    But maybe there’s treasure!

  2. AssClown ponders: “But maybe there’s treasure! ”

    Maybe..could it be? Perhaps..a CLUE?

    *That* is a treasure that any moonbat could not put a price to.

    Stay tuned AC.

  3. And he did it without going all Chloe O’Brien!

    Only one pointer, Clown; the term is “counterpropaganda” blog.

  4. Well, unlike some of the folks at the Minnie Mon, I do have a keen eye for the obvious, and went to the obvious place, and discovered the deep, dark secret:

    “This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.”

  5. joelr… That was Joe Bodell’s first stop.

    After Jeff Fecke was punk’d, why bother with direct questions, surely only to be answered with tittering and guffaws? A few reverse DNS lookups and some meta tag peeking and the cat’s out of the bag.

  6. You guys still remember the punking?


    And yep, the cat’s out of the bag. “You” have discovered our blog is…

    …a blog.

    Capital work, Watson.

  7. A “blog?” Don’t be so modest. You’re a coalition of conservative bloggers running Joomla, a powerful content management system to power a site about “Minnesota elections, Ronald Reagan, MN GOP, MN DFL, Minnesota Session, Policy, Economics, et cetera” because you want to be conservative election resource in time for the ’08 RNC convention in St. Paul. King Banaian has written at least one article regarding the I-35W bridge collapse entitled, “Find the non-sequitur.” I’m assuming freedomdogs is doing the design; bevels ahoy! I’m bored already, but amused at how miffed y’all got at Joe Bodell’s innocuous cyber-snooping.

  8. Leave him alone. He’s on a roll.

    (They’re all clairvoyant, donchaknow).

    The word E-Blo was looking for was “amused”.

  9. “Joe Bodell’s innocuous cyber-snooping”? Joe fell for the carefully conceived trap. Free promotion is, well, priceless.

  10. I think it’s cute when the baby journalists at MiniMoney play pretend. They are so adorable at that age.

  11. Wow, gmg425 (great name – I guess gmg424 was already taken), that is stunningly dumb of you. Fact-checking would clearly involve calling Ellison’s office to see if it’s true. You know, *checking* to see if the *facts* are true.

    Hey, turns out Minnesotans for Man-Boy Love just named gmg425 as it’s grand marshal! Right, gmg? Er, don’t bother answering that. We have our story.

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