Reconstructive History

I have two observations about Joe Biden’s performance in last Thursday’s debate.

First – his campaign is all platitudes. He has a “plan” for everything. A government “plan” and three bucks will get you a cup of Caribou. It’s all there to gull the gullible.

Second – like all Democrats, he can pretty much say any billshut he wants, because his voters are all low-information drones who have the critical thought skills of herd animals, and the media like it that way.

There were many examples of this during the debate on Thursday – “I never said I’d ban fracking”, “nobody lost their plan to Obamacare”, and on and on.

The one that made me jump out of my seat with the most incredulity? “We had a great relationship with Hitler before he invaded Europe”.

He was half right. The US had a lousy relationship [1] with the Nazi regime – to FDR’s rare credit

The U.S. didn’t have a good relationship with Hitler before he “invaded Europe. The German dictator was, however, beloved in certain quarters, including the editorial offices of the New York Times.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn’t attack Hitler directly before the war began, but relations between the U.S. and Nazi Germany were by no means good. In September 1938, Roosevelt sent a telegram to Hitler lecturing him about the importance of keeping the peace and stating: “The conscience and the impelling desire of the people of my country demand that the voice of their government be raised again and yet again to avert and to avoid war.” Implying that Hitler was a warmonger was hardly a hallmark of cordial relations between the two countries.

Failing to get a satisfactory response from Hitler, on October 11, 1938, Roosevelt announced that he was increasing national defense spending by $300 million (over $5 billion in today’s dollars). No one thought that money was going to build up our defenses against Britain and France.

But the New York Times? They loved them some Hitler:

The historian Rafael Medoff recently noted that on July 9, 1933, just over five months after he became Chancellor of Germany and years after his virulent anti-Semitism and propensity for violence had become notorious worldwide, the New York Times published a fawning puff piece on Hitler that rivals even today’s media adulation of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi in its one-sidedness, myopia, and disdain for essential facts.

Pulitzer Prize-winning “journalist” Anne O’Hare McCormick traveled to Berlin to become the first reporter from an American news outlet to interview the new chancellor, and she was an intriguing choice for the Times editors to make to conduct this interview, as in the presence of this man whose name has become justly synonymous with evil, she was decidedly starry-eyed: “At first sight,” McCormick gushed, “the dictator of Germany seems a rather shy and simple man, younger than one expects, more robust, taller. His sun-browned face is full and is the mobile face of an orator.”

As if that weren’t enough, she continues with a description of the Führer as outlandish and adulatory as likening the supremely zaftig Stacy Abrams to a supermodel: “His eyes are almost the color of the blue larkspur in a vase behind him, curiously childlike and candid. He appears untired and unworried. His voice is as quiet as his black tie and his double-breasted black suit.”

This, of course, as Walter Duranty was all but french-kissing Joseph Stalin. The NYTimes were equal-opportunity up-suckers.

It wasn’t just the NYTimes, of course – Time named Hitler their “Man of the Year” in 1938:

Although as Time laboriously clarifies:

That choice abided by the dictum of TIME founder Henry Luce, who decreed that the Man of the Year — now Person of the Year — was not an honor but instead should be a distinction applied to the newsmaker who most influenced world events for better or worse. In case that second criterion was lost on readers, the issue that named Hitler dispensed with the portrait treatment that cover subjects typically got. Instead he was depicted as a tiny figure with his back to the viewer, playing a massive organ with his murdered victims spinning on a St. Catherine’s wheel.

Which, in context, makes sense.

Moreso than the NYTimes’ excuse, anyway.

[1] Speaking generally in re the government, of course. Some in the government – Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, Ambassador to the UK, Democrat eminimento and father of progressive icons John F. and Robert F. Kennedy – spent the early years of the war pulling for the Nazis to conquer the Brits, whom he hated.

22 thoughts on “Reconstructive History

  1. Given that Gotham is the de facto Jewish capital of the nation, it’s a shocker that they get any business from that portion of the electorate to this day–or from anyone who doesn’t want to be associated with totalitarianism.

  2. Yesterday, an all out brawl was said to have taken place in Times Square, when the Democrat’s Brown Shirts aka AntiFa, attacked Jewish Trump supporters. Those Trump supporters were also protesting against Oberfuhrer Mayor Warren (Bill de Blasio) Wilhelm’s anti Semitic crack down on Jewish activities. Next door, in Phil Murphy’s fiefdom, police are going to the homes of Jews to look for “illegal gatherings”, which include observations of the Sabbath.

  3. Seen any Biden ads lately? Pure fear porn.

    The latest featured an obviously suburban woman, literally on the verge of tears, barely able to squeak out “I just don’t think I can take 4 more years of Trump.”

    No reasons given or issues cited of course.

  4. Personally, I wish Mr. Biden well in his run against George W. Bush, and perhaps his “biggest vote fraud operation in history” operation will make that happen.

  5. Biden lies and Slimes is in the tank for anyone who is not a freedom loving citizen. Pshaw. Let’s talk about masks. I am doing you all a favor by cutting out the meaningful chatter since the host of this blog is content to let every thread go to shit. Carry on. Masks and Wuhan Flu…

  6. Financial markets and all top tier investment banks have now locked in a Biden blue wave as the most likely outcome. The supporting/detracting comments here are a waste of time now as little will change in voters minds from this point.

    In fact, I find it the height of stupidity that anyone is going to make up their mind from a few debates. If you can’t see the clear choice for America after 4 years, there isn’t much hope for you. The whole undecided voter thing making last minute decisions is BS, in my opinion.

  7. Just saw the most bizarre political spectacle ever. There was black Jesus, giving an impassioned speech to…a used car lot. It was one-upsmanship on Sniffin’ Joe’s appearance in a wheat field last week.

    And evidently it was very well received by the cars, which tooted their little horns enthusiastically. At one point, I thought I saw bJ almost crack a little smile, as if the absurdity of it all suddenly hit him. Would have been a bonding moment with the hundreds of people watching it on CSPAN if he’d have just busted out laughing.

  8. The My Pillow guy is speaking to a crowd of human beings in Hibbing on CSPAN right now. He just said he’s going to run for Gov. People cheered, no horns tooted though.

  9. If you can’t see the clear choice for America after 4 years, there isn’t much hope for you. The whole undecided voter thing making last minute decisions is BS, in my opinion.

    Sez the guy who predicted a Hillary landslide in 2016.
    The markets had “factored in” a Hillary win in 2016, between Novemeber 10 2016 and inauguration day 2017 the market factored in the Trump win and the DJIA went up 2,000 points (> 10%), all completely unforeseen by the experts Emery follows.
    Say, did you know The Economist published Chinese propaganda for two years?
    “For approximately two years, The Economist had been running advertorials called “China Focus”, written by Beijing Review, a state propaganda outlet under the direct control of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The pieces were marked as advertising content but closely resembled articles. They hailed China’s rapid development, its success in combating COVID-19 and promoted China’s controversial international trade plans, known as the Belt and Road Initiative (1).”

  10. “A of what we’ve done over the last four years will be undone, sooner or later, by the next election.” ~ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, expecting the GOP to lose next Tuesday, on why ACB nomination is so important to his party. ~ NYT

    Covid doesn’t have to spell disaster for leaders in the polls. South Korean President Moon’s party scored a huge win in Parliamentary elections. So did Ardern in New Zealand.

    But if your Covid response is poor and the election comes right during a spike…you’re in big trouble.

  11. “The My Pillow guy is speaking to a crowd of human beings in Hibbing on CSPAN right now.”

    Is this the very same MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell that is hawking a snake oil drug called oleandrin? A plant extract which he calls a “cure” for Covid-19?

    I looked for the study that Lindell says is out there: it isn’t. There is, however, a decent cell-based study of oleandrin demonstrating some potential antiviral properties of oleandrin. It has not been tested in animals or people. Don’t run out and take it — it’s a plant similar to digoxin and is cardiotoxic. Even the American Botanical Council has issued a warning about this.

  12. Emery, let me rephrase:

    But if your governor’s COVID response is to send sick people to nursing homes, killing thousands, but the media cannot bear to present facts like this, your country could be screwed by the media.

    You’re welcome. Sorry, buddy, but the murderous policies of Cuomo, Whitmer, Waltz, Murphy, and the like are nasty and vicious, and I’m getting tired of Trump being blamed for the fallout of what they did.

  13. bike,

    You are wasting your time on our two resident trolls. They are too dumb to see what a Biden presidency will do to our country and the economy. If that happens by some slim chance, it will be fun to see them gnash their teeth and wail woe is me after their savings and investments are redistributed to those less fortunate immigrants and ghetto dwellers.

    Emery’s total economic illiteracy and true belief that Biden will tax the rich, while failing to acknowledge that the $400,000 – $1,000,000 incomes, is where about one third of the small businesses incomes fall. He’s also ignorant of the fact that Democrats have used the same tired lies for decades, yet, until Trump got in, the middle class continued to pay higher taxes. Of course, when each new generation produces more gullible, useful idiots that believe the lies, they keep using them.

  14. 👆 A lot of you have developed shticks that won’t work anymore when Trump is no longer president, and I, for one, look forward to you cutting that 💩 out.

  15. Poor deluded little Paddywhacker.

    He forgets all of the media polls that constantly over sampled Democrats until they got the results they wanted, then told their true believers that Hillary was going to win in 2016. Meet the new polls. Same as the old polls.

  16. Indeed, Emery, you little fascist. I expect those notes you’ve taken over the past 4 years will serve well when the “lot of you” are rounded up and sent to re-education camps. Who knows? Some “of you” may even return home at some point.

  17. Doesn’t matter, boss. The one or two or 10 days that CJ Roberts has let the Democrats use after the elections to find ballots will negate any election day results.

  18. Better than the Presidential debate was seeing Trump get interviewed on 60 Minutes. Here was Trump in his full grifter glory, selling hard like a cheap walk-on for “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

  19. Got some breaking news from Gallup for padded cell boi:

    “Trump job rating Steady; Other Mood Indicators Tick Up”


    Also, it is clear that neither of the trolls learned anything from 2016; i.e. that in Presidential elections, national polls mean squat because leftists congregate in cities, like roaches. That dilutes the effect of their infestation.

    If 100,000 leftist degenerates say “orange man bad” it means nothing, because they only get the few electoral votes from a couple of leftist shit holes that were lost causes anyway.

    In contrast, if 50,000 say “4 more MAGA years” it matters more because they most likely represent the majority opinion of several states which mean more electoral votes.

    Trump only has to hang on to the loyal Americans in states that voted for him last time, and win just 3 of 8 battle ground states, and he’s in.

    That’s gonna happen.

  20. As in 2016, I will make no prediction about the presidential contest. I don’t know who will win.
    No one knows who will win.
    I am bothered by the media’s narrative that we won’t know who won by midnight on November 3rd. In effect this means that if Trump wins by a narrow margin on November 3rd, the media will tell us that there is no winner, yet, we will have to wait until “all the votes are counted.” This means that lawyers and judges will scour the land for Biden votes until Biden has 50%+1, at which point the election will be called for Biden and the counting will stop.

  21. This fighting is all very strange and counterproductive to ensuring stable government. After all the objective of democracy is to have a simple vote so that changes in the feelings and disposition of voters about presidents or political parties can be simply registered in the ballot box. To keep that process simple benefits everybody and allows people after the election to accept the results with few resentments.

    Somehow in the US the power of lawyers and the willingness of political parties and individuals to tamper with the electoral process risks destroying the simplicity of the process whilst allowing people to believe that they have in some ways been cheated when the final result is agreed or, perhaps in this case, enforced by the courts.

    How much better it would be if people pursued the rights of every individual to vote, simply counted the results and agreed to agree which of the candidates or parties had been elected.

    Democracy is a brilliant solution to ensuring that governments reflect the wishes of the people who bothered to vote, why subvert it?

    Although a cynic might say: “Because subverting democracy gets you 1/3rd of the Supreme Court and hundreds of other federal judges, among other kickbacks.”

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