Amy’s Got A/Many Gun/s

Wouldn’t it be funny to hear her say, “No, I do not own A gun. Not one single, solitary gun. I own a Mighty Shitload of guns, and have ammo for all of them! So There!”

Joe Doakes

As long as she drags the SCOTUS into giving strict scrutiny to gun rights cases, I don’t care if she’s got her grandpa’s .25 automatic diassembled in different parts of her house.

But Joe’s right – ACB having a collection that rivals Ted Nugent’s would be pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “Amy’s Got A/Many Gun/s

  1. Think if she announced that she owns a black scary rifle.?

    Or responded “yes, and I’m having a hard time finding ammo” or “yes, and sure glad I stocked up on ammo in 2019 when it was plentiful and cheap”.

  2. Now I have “Amy’s got a gun. Amy’s got a gun. The Democrates are on the run…” running through my head.

  3. The senate dems are apparently unable to deny McConnell a quoram on the ACB vote.
    So the Dems will boycott the vote.
    History buffs will find that this resembles how the dems behaved in the run up to the Civil War. They did not control federal institutions, so they acted out of spite. “Not our government!” is how their actions are intended to be read. “The only legitimate process is one we control!”

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