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This is the kind of detailed, reasoned explanation for Floyd’s death that the jury will hear from defense experts.  It includes the Power Point slides right out of the Minneapolis Police Department training on when and how to properly kneel on a suspect’s neck.

If I were on the jury, I would be hard pressed to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that all four cops were acting from malice or hatred or racist intent to kill.  On the contrary, it looks to me as if they followed the department-approved policy to the letter, exactly as their superior had instructed and trained them to do.

The fact it all went sideways isn’t these cops’ fault.  They shouldn’t be the fall guys for it.

Joe Doakes

Any bets on whether the “Unintentional 2nd Degree Murder” charge gets dismissed before trial?

14 thoughts on “Think Floyd

  1. My guess is that our feckless, AntiFa endorsing and fake Mooslim AG Ellison, will blame the law firm and let the chaos begin again, because orange man bad.

  2. A. The cops see a guy who they suspect was under the influence of something behind the wheel of a car. If they did nothing, what happens if he drove and hit some one?

    B. He wouldn’t show his right hand. They had every right to draw their gun.

    C. We was messed up on something. He needed to be brought to detox or HCMC. If they didn’t, they would have been blamed for that.

    D. At some point this guy was being such a big pain in the ass I would have just uncuffed him and wait until medical got there.

    D. Manslaughter at best. Definitely not 2nd degree murder.

    E. The cynic in me says the charges were upped so that they couldn’t convict them.

    F. Save your plywood

  3. Ever since the OJ verdict I haven’t allowed myself to feel complacent about a jury trial. A lot depends on the change of venue motions but the key is selecting a jury not swayed by the incredibly biased reporting that has pervaded this case from the first minutes. People I had believed in the past seem incapable of not repeating lies like “the police killing of George Floyd.” Even the Medical Examiner fell into the trap of contradicting the findings of the autopsy. If it’s a homicide, it’s not because of police physical restraint. Maybe the dealer who sold Fentanyl to Floyd is the true perpetrator, though nobody is looking for him. I understand the demand for permits to purchase firearms is through the roof. Ammunition is being rationed. It’s the new toilet paper. I hope Governor Walz’s 19 year old cooks are drilling for riot training because come next spring the wave will hit.

  4. Earlier it was “Skittles”, then “Hands up, Don’t shoot!”, now “I can’t breathe!” Truth does not matter anymore.

  5. Yes, I’ll bet it does not. Another shiny new quarter you’ll owe me. The reason is simple, Chauvin was aware Floyd was no longer moving, was warned by peers that the suspect wasn’t responsive and he should change positions. Chauvin has a record of at least flirting with abuse. I think pretty likely he’ll be found guilty by a jury of his peers.

    On a note you won’t cover, relating to illegality..

    Bannon, another Brietbart hero, has feet of clay… and SHOCKER!!!!! he used his celebrity to parlay that and his stint in Trump’s WH to get suckers.. I mean GOP faithful, to “pay for” a border wall voluntarily..

    Hard to drain the swamp when you’re the snake.

  6. Slow Joe, if you think fentanyl caused Floyd’s death because of some right-wing screed article, then you are, once again, showing why they call you Slow Joe.

    Do you think the Minneapolis ME is stupid? Fentanyl overdose isn’t exactly something he’s not seen before. If respiratory failure (or cardiac arrest, which is what I understand was listed as the cause of death) – was caused by Fentanyl in Floyd’s death, they, the ME would have said so. Or are you, like so many conspiracy theorists, alleging the ME lied when he listed the cause of death as a homicide.

    News flash for you, SJ, prosecutors are prohibited by cannons of practice (and the law) from filing charges they don’t have a good reason to believe can be upheld. If Chauvin is wrongly convicted then he’ll easily win on appeal if the cause of death is so easily attributable to Fentanyl. Now, it’s not bloody likely he’d be convicted is it? I mean you HAVE to feel that given you – and Mitch – think the 2nd degree charge is so weak it will be dropped).

    Here’s an actual news report, rather than yet more right-wing speculation and screed..

    The summary by the ME was that this was a homicide, not fentanyl overdose. Grasping at straws doesn’t begin to describe you tin-foil-hatters (or should that be haters?).

  7. Paddyboy, the level of fentanyl in his blood was about three times the amount that ordinarily makes a lethal dose.

    Now there are some questions about where the drug goes in life and after death, and what the specific lethal dose would have been for Floyd specifically (obviously you cannot run that experiment in any meaningful, ethical way), but if indeed the cause was respiratory suppression influenced heavily by a massive dose of drugs, the best argument you can make against the officers involved is that they missed their chance to administer a dose of Narcan, if indeed they had that with them, and that they used un-needed force that may have contributed to their failure to use the Narcan they may or may not have had.

    And like it or not, that’s not evidence to support a 2nd degree murder charge, and hence it’s strongly likely that the accused will walk, and that there will be riots. Worse yet, the prosecutors involved know d*** well that the evidence doesn’t support the charge, and that the result of a failure to convict will be riots.

    You want to talk about cynical, vicious, vile things done by our Attorney General? Chew on that one a while.

  8. It will be interesting to see if the celebrity Dream Team of pro bono prosecutors start bailing due to “other commitments”. If they think the verdict is a hard-wired cinch, they’ll stick. If they see weaknesses in the case they’ll bail so as not to be tainted by the verdict (especially since working for “free”). Once the circus comes to town, clean-up is going to be ugly.

  9. Paddyboy, thanks for reminding me of the decade I spent prosecuting cases in Wright and Stearns County. Good times.

    I’m not taking the thread-jack bait, because I know that will frustrate you, which you richly deserve.

    You don’t deny kneeling was department policy, or that they failed to follow the policy, you argue they followed it incorrectly. They should have stopped kneeling earlier. Fine, that’s your Monday Morning Quarterback analysis of what went wrong.

    Now explain to me how you can reconcile “they made a mistake” with the “intent to effect the death” element of Second Degree Murder.

    Then explain to me how your Monday Morning Quarterbacking doesn’t violate this cautionary line in Graham v. Connor: “The “reasonableness” of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, rather than with the 20/20 vision of hindsight.”

    You are confident the jury will convict and maybe you’re right. The Governor, Attorney General, Mayor, Democrat legislative candidates and the media are certainly doing their best to taint the jury pool to obtain that result. Not sure you could be so confident if the case were transferred to, say, Laq Qui Parle County. There, a jury of reasonable people might think differently than the amped-up Liberals furiously signaling their virtue. Maybe a change of venue is what this case needs, to have a fair shot at justice.

  10. Teh little Peevee is exhibiting classic excited delirium (bet $10 hes foaming at the mouth); he’s been “hooping” MSNBC again, no question.

    Someone should pin his scrawny ass to the ground so he does not hurt himself.

  11. Ellison probably wants an acquital and riots.
    Ellison was elected state AG by the people of Minnesota. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The last thing in the world Ellison wants is to see the law enforced in a fair and equal manner.

  12. Add to the stacking of the deck against the cops is that the “Great And Powerful” Walz has on multiple occasions called Floyd’s death murder. What a grandiose prick!

  13. In the Strib’s articles related to protests/rioting, there is usually a boilerplate paragraph reminding the reader that the protests were sparked by “the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police.” Yesterday, however, I noticed the line had been changed to “the death of George Floyd, who died while in police custody.”

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