The Minnesota Stasi

The state is going after Senator, and Doctor, Scott Jensen, for…

…well, counterrevolutionary activity, apparently:

Minnesota senator and medical physician Dr. Scott Jensen says he is under investigation by the Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice for allegedly spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

Jensen revealed the investigation in a Facebook video on Sunday, saying the medical board is focusing on “reckless advice” he had given by comparing COVID-19 with the flu, as well as comments he made regarding CDC guidelines for the completion of death certificates in an interview with Fargo news broadcaster Chris Berg in April – which went viral.

“When I got this news, I was ticked,” Jensen, who is rumored to be considering a run for Minnesota governor as a Republican, said in the video, which has now been viewed one million times.

“If this could happen to me because of my views, it could happen to b ‘=, anybody,” he added.

Let’s sure we’ve got this straight;  the state’s bureaucracy is actively moving to squelch a prominent dissenter to Governor Walz’s incompetent, logrolling response to the pandemic.  


56 thoughts on “The Minnesota Stasi

  1. “It’s a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death. There’s so many other things that are very dangerous and bad about this virus. Don’t get yourself into false complacency.” – Dr. Fauci

  2. “False complacency” is a straw man. “Save people from dying” is a straw man. Our government response to the virus is far, far beyond that now.

    The Covid-19 virus has killed zero percent of Americans. It’s not a nation-ending event. It’s not an economic disaster. It’s a virus, about as deadly as the flu. We know this from studying excess deaths from respiratory distress – there aren’t any, because they’re all being lumped into Covid for reporting purposes.

    The economic disaster was caused by taking public policy advice from doctors who advised shutting down the entire world economy to avoid spreading the virus. This is why we shouldn’t take public policy advice from doctors. They are narrowly focused on the immediate problem, they do not weigh costs against benefits to see if saving a life is worth it (that’s what Death Panels are for).

    Doctors focus on the Seen. Statesmen focus on the Unseen. Study your Bastiat and learn why that matters.

    Honestly, we’d have been better off to do nothing, same as The Light Bringer did with Covid’s cousin, SARS.

  3. Surprised it’s only half, honestly. There’s no air travel model right now.

    United Airlines said it may shed almost half of its U.S. workforce, telling 36,000 employees they could be furloughed on Oct. 1 due to the pandemic~ WSJ

    United Warns It May Furlough 36,000 Staff

  4. The number of deaths involving COVID-19 in all 50 states and District of Columbia currently totals 113,303, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — well below the numbers reported elsewhere. And the weekly COVID-involved death count has been steadily dropping since mid-April, based on actual death certificate information.

  5. ‘US Covid-19 cases jump by one day record of 62,000 and pass 3 million’

    The Democrats are carrying this hoax a little too far.

  6. Cross posted to several threads, Emery? You don’t get paid for that. Only separate, individually typed comments, qualify for Troll Pay. Don’t believe me? Ask George Soros yourself, he’ll tell you.

    Oh, and by the way, “cases” are irrelevant and everybody knows it. Counting “cases” of Covid is like counting “cases” of the common cold. Everybody gets it but nobody dies from it, they’re not even sick enough to stay home from work.

    So there’s a million billion trillion “cases,” so what? It’s a meaningless and therefore something we can ignore. Which is how we know lock-downs and mandatory face masks are a Democrat hoax which they can’t let go of it yet, because they haven’t found another stick to beat on Trump.

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