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The left, last week: “People don’t need the police! People can defend their own communities!”

The left, this week after people defended their own community:

“Chilling”. The “protesters” were encroaching on private property after forcibly breaking down a gate. The implied threat could miss nobody who isn’t already insulated by Urban Progressive Privilege.

The only “chilling” part of this episode is the atrocious firearm-safety the couple are exhibiting; fingers on triggers, sweeping each other and people who aren’t immediate threats. Get some training, people.

And it’s instructive to note how “chilling” it wasn’t to the mainstream media last month, when stories about black neighborhoods and business owners strapping up to deter looters met with…uncomfortable acquiescence.

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  1. Now maybe I got this wrong, but I thought I had read a statement from that couple that they supported BLM and that the only people they feared in their kerfuffle were whites (they kept using the term “trepidation” as if they just discovered it). Anyway, I think that tweet is interesting for the image it shows of the lady pointing her gun quite determinedly at, um, non-whites. I’m sure there’s a perfectly fine explanation.

  2. The only “chilling” part of this episode is the atrocious firearm-safety the couple are exhibiting; fingers on triggers, sweeping each other and people who aren’t immediate threats. Get some training, people.

    Pretty dumb, no doubt – but that raises questions about training.

    Not to split hairs but there is a huge difference between instruction and drills. Instruction tells you what to do, drills make sure that at least part of your brain does the right thing whilst the rest is otherwise occupied.

    Soldiers drill so they don’t have to think in combat, yet in combat even extensive drilling breaks down – very quickly.

    I am not sure what the answer is – which is why we all need to be careful about what situations we get ourselves into. Yeah, a mob in the front yard is hard to avoid – but then so is jail once everything turns to sh*t.

    Maybe the best advice is, know yourself and even if you think you do, know yourself better.

  3. in the photo, the black man wearing the white shirt is pointing something black and tube shaped at the woman with the pistol. What is that? Microphone? Sword handle? Gun barrel? Tootsie-Roll?

  4. There was some butt hurt SJW that called out on TWITter to dox these people, “I’ll help. Sue them, ruin their businesses, help their employees sabotage their capital, call their kids, call their family members, call their country club— use capitalism for the weapon it’s designed to be.” Looking up this piss ant, Kyle Rezac-Dennis (you knew that he would have a hyphenated name) claims to be an anti-racist, white elephant and also “designs digital products for education”. Of course! Thankfully, he’s been outed, too! That karma thing…
    This was “allegedly” what led to the march through this neighborhood:


  5. Greg;
    Meant to confirm your comment about military drills breaking down.
    In my squadron in Okinawa, we had a guy from Detroit that could do a “Forrest Gump” like disassembly and reassembly of M-16s and M-60 machine guns. In fact, he taught me about the M-60 and how to clear jams. He went to Air Recovery And Rescue as a door gunner and the first time he had to return fire against VC troops, his gun jammed and he froze. Thankfully, no one got hit, but obviously,he was pretty shook up about it.

  6. If what I read is true, the couple are a team of personal injury attorneys, hence probably Democrats.

  7. bosshoss429,


    So how do you drill under stress? Gosh, could that be why drill instructers scream in your ear?

    The real scary thing is, according to one news report (raise skeptical shield here), apparently the husband said, the wife “knew nothing about guns.”

    So why did she have one?

    Okay, they were under threat, but why not say, “take this and stay in the house, if anyone breaks in, use it if you have to.”

    One the other hand, maybe the guy was smart and the thing was not loaded.

  8. Statement from the ambulance chaser’s lawyer:

    “My clients, as melanin-deficient human beings, are completely respectful of the message Black Lives Matter needs to get out, especially to whites,” said lawyer Albert Watkins.

    Melanin is highly toxic in large doses, but a deficiency isn’t these human beings problem. Their problem is a serious deficiency of self-respect and intelligence. This move does nothing to help them; Negroes are not going to come to their rescue, the fake news media is going to hound them to the ground, and embattled Caucasians are not going to support self loathing grifters.

  9. doc, people that live in the area have been saying (on Parler) that gated community is chocked full of leftist reprobates.

    Now, the minute those rent-seeking Negroes broke the gate, they were trespassing which put them in danger of forfeiting their lives. There are also reports that several of the rioters were armed themselves. But since leftists support the rioting and looting of cities, it’s only fair they put their own stuff on the line in support of the cause.

  10. Buncha angry “conservatives” upset that I make fun of Relaxed Fit Rambo and Krazy Karen.

    It’s like the evolution of a Karen, if there was such a thing.

  11. Look, I get that if you’re wearing relaxed fit whipped cream colored dockers and a pink polo shirt that maybe basic gun safety isn’t your bag but could you just make some sort of gesture.

    This woman holds a gun like it’s a used enema bag she’s trying to return at CVS for a full refund.

  12. “doc, people that live in the area have been saying (on Parler) that gated community is chocked full of leftist reprobates.”


    Yea, they were actually on their way to the Mayor’s house (see my earlier post) to tell her, in person, to resign for giving her fellow leftists a taste of their own medicine.

    Funny how the left vilifies evil, rich conservative, white peeple, but have no problem voting for rich white people, as long as they have a “D” after their names or taking their money, how ever ill gotten it may be.

  13. The symbolism is lovely. Armed white middle aged couple, blocking the doorway of their very expensive looking house, as the scruffy kids walk by taunting them.
    They should have hired some serious security. One dangerous looking dude with his sidearm in a holster wouldn’t have been as photogenic.
    As for breaking down gates? It’s all fun and games until somebody gets shot. When people don’t think that the cops will answer a 911 call, people gonna do what they do. No one remembers the Soviet terror, but everyone knows about the antifa Manson “protesters.”

  14. When I want high-quality, reliable information about current affairs in the USA, I turn to the Official News feed of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

  15. A couple of rotweilers on the steps would have been as effective as the Ken & Barbi homeowners in the pic.

  16. These folks are straight up aiming firearms at peaceful protestors.

    That guy with the assault rifle has no idea how to use it. It’s a miracle he didn’t accidentally shoot himself, his wife or others.

    If they held the barrels down like someone who was properly trained this wouldn’t even be an issue but clearly neither of them should own a gun since they are not able to safely operate them.

  17. That’s an interesting question: what is a “peaceful” protester?

    Example: the protester was marching on the public sidewalk, holding signs, chanting “No peace, no justice.” Yep – peaceful.

    The protester was marching on the freeway. Well, now, that’s a crime. The cops let favored groups get away with it, but it’s a crime. Can there be such a thing as committing a peaceful crime?

    The protester swung a bicycle lock and struck a college professor in the head, causing an injury needing stitches. That’s another crime, a personal injury assault. Can there be such a thing as a peaceful assult?

    The protester smashed down an iron fence, marched onto the lawn of a private home, threatened to burn the home and kill the homeowner. That’s still another crime, terroristic threats. Can there be such a thing as a peaceful terrorist?

    Is it okay for a homeowner to point a firearm at a terrorist? If not, why not?

  18. EI, breaking down a gate to enter private property then threatening to burn down a property owner’s home behind that gate in addition to threatening to kill them and their dog is not peaceful protesting. If you also consider that 2 minutes away from their location over at the St Louis Art Museum BLM was beating up senior citizens with brass knuckles, these people showed restraint.

    Through the eyes of Missouri law they also showed restraint. Unlike The Peoples Republic of Minnesota, there is no duty to retreat if you or your property threatened with harm or death.


  19. A couple of rotweilers on the steps would have been as effective as the Ken & Barbi homeowners in the pic.

    Sorry, but this along with the Other Little Weasel’s pompous comments are complete bullshit.

    Clearly, the actions of so-called Ken & Barbi, regardless of their dress and their gun presentation, did the trick. The protesters left as far as I know and no one was injured. All you condescending pr1cks need to dial it down. This episode is exactly how almost all these encounters will go if/when BLM/Antifa decides to continue to attack the suburbs: terrified people with weapons will do what they think is best. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but the training (and the wardrobe to get the Other Little Weasel’s approval) to clear out tens? hundreds? of protesters who have broken into your yard doesn’t effing exist. It isn’t required to own a gun. And it takes a lot of time.

    As for dogs; guard dogs don’t understand step-wise escalation. Their actions are either on or off. I *do* think a couple of guard dogs would’ve been helpful when the gate was being torn down/broken into to get the rioters to go to the next house. But without a gate/wall and/or some seriously well-trained dogs and handlers, those personal injury lawyers would be looking at some serious personal injury lawsuits.

    This whole episode is *exactly* what I expect we will see more of as those 500 million weapons purchased over the last 20 years come into use.

  20. What Joe says in response to Emery. You have a group of protesters who appear to be armed breaking down fences and threatening the inhabitants. Do the residents have the right to meet force with force in defence of their lives and property, or do they not?

    And if the police are not making arrests when the rioters turn violent, why? Is there a reason that the lives of the innocent do not matter?

  21. ^^ Get on the Parler app. The names of the agitators are being published and people are forming militias.

  22. Silly me. I think you’ve said just about that very thing to me multiple times, JPA. And I enjoy it each and every time you write it.

  23. Q: What’s the difference between a peaceful protester and a violent anarchist?

    A: About thirty seconds.

  24. I’ll bet Emery was the toughest kid on his block, behind the screen door.

  25. Those peaceful bags of shit shot fireworks at the mayor’s house and defaced the property.

    Those actions would pass muster of any Missouri jury as justification to have lit those MFers up.

    I wonder if they realize that. Probably not. With low IQ and mentally ill individuals a graphic demonstration is usually necessary.

    Guessing one is in the way somewhere.

  26. Look, I get that if you’re wearing relaxed fit whipped cream colored dockers and a pink polo shirt that maybe basic gun safety isn’t your bag but could you just make some sort of gesture.

    The guy didn’t seem to be doing anything particularly badly. He kept trigger discipline and the gun in a safe position from all the pictures I’ve seen. As far as open carry goes, can you tell me Em, how he was unsafe? I’m curious as to what I’ve missed in those pics as to his behavior.

    His wife, on the other hand…..

    But as she said, she was terrified and hadn’t handled a gun before. As someone without proper instruction, she defaulted to behavior modeled by our betters in Hollywood.

    Here’s hoping that they both get some instruction in gun use and handling.

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  28. ^^ Whew. I was worried for a moment that you had overdosed on Clorox.

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