Our Brownshirts

A dozen masked, hooded, armed “Anti”-Fa thugs attack a citizen journalist in Olympia, Washington.

This is graphic and very upsetting:

Hard to tell what’s gonna make ’em crazier – Bernie losing the nomination, or Bernie losing the presidency.   

Or, for that matter, winning. 

7 thoughts on “Our Brownshirts

  1. This behavior must be stopped before there are deaths. I know individuals (unarmed) that would fearlessly take on the whole crowd of Antifa cowards. The masked “tough guys” would pay a heavy price for their actions, the people I know wouldn’t play by any rules.

  2. The biggest problem with this whole incident, was that a cadre of cops were watching this play out and did NOTHING. One even went so far as to tell Brown that “they weren’t going to jump in to save him.”

    This seems to be a pattern wherever these antifa thugs show up. They start the trouble, but the victims get charged. Usually, this is mandated from higher ups that are part of the anti law enforcement left wing machine, but it pisses me off to no end that the rank and file LEO won’t help the one group that supports them.

    It’s hard for me to support law enforcement that has this mentality. They are supposed to be neutral.

  3. Kind of typical of oppressive regimes. They do not use the police to attack their opposition. Instead they have the police with draw protection from the opposition, then the regime’s paramilitaries thump the opposition protesters. If the protesters fight back, they are arrested.
    A tactict used by fascists and commies for decades to quell anti-regime protests, from Churchill’s Black & Tans to Maduro’s Revolutionary Guards.

  4. “When fascism comes to America it will come under the guise of anti-facism.”-Huey Long, 1935. As true today as it was when spoken 85 years ago.

  5. Antifa are idiots. They openly support initiating violence against people who are gathered to express their ideas peacefully. This is because antifa (but no one else) believes that speech they dislike is violence against them.
    The people they are seeking to silence will then have a choice: keep silent or respond to violence with more violence.
    Antifa seems to think that they will never face foes as violent as they are. They are not thinking rationally.
    Antifa gets by on threats. I’ve seen them on tape: “Wait til the police ain’t looking, man.” Anyone who would say that to me while I was peaceably demonstrating would find he had a mouth full of broken teeth before the period at the end of the sentence.

  6. I agree with Mammuth. It seems they can only get away with this in places like Olympia, WA. Antifa should dare not try this anywhere that folks can defend themselves or have the spines to fight back.

    The tweet above the video also said the citizen journo was robbed, but that wasn’t present in the video (unless I missed it). If true, that shows that this particular antifa group is nothing more than hyped up thugs without a real political goal in mind. They are just using their masks and ‘political ideology’ to act as regular old street thugs. Street thugs with protection I guess….

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