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California congresswoman Katie Hill is a pretty loathsome person (and that’s without even referring to  her ideology, which seeks to do to the entire country what it’s done to Califonia, Newark, Chicago, Detroit, NOLA and Baltimore), whose sex scandal – she was apparnently doing with her husband (asterisk; west coast version), a female campaign staffer, and another guy on the side – is nothing more than her doing with three other people what the entire Democrat party is trying to do to the United States without the courtesy of buying dinner [1] first…

…but this article (which has NSFW photography, unless you work in a pr0n theater, an art gallery, a tabloid, or the curriculum office of a blue-city elementary school), among many others, makes a key story point out of the notion that she has a  “Nazi” tattoo in the headline – a reference to a tattoo visible just outside her fun zone in one of the bluer photos in the article

Thats just wrong.

The <i>Eisernkreuz</i>, or Iron Cross.

The Iron Cross was the emblem of Prussia, and then the German monarchy, for hundreds of years, up until 1918, and of the Republic until 1933. The Nazis kept it around as a decoration (the “Iron Cross” was sort of like the American “Bronze Star”), but it was German, not Nazi.

Those Eisernkreuze can be distinguished from the regular German ones by the, y’know, swastika the Nazis incorporated.

It’s what the kids call “Cultural Appropriation” these days.

But after the war, the “Eisernkreuz” survived Germany’s stringent “De-Nazification” with flying colors, seventy years ago, to become part of the utterly non-Nazi Federal Republic’s regalia. It is still the emblem of the German military; you find it today on all German planes, tanks and ships.

Not defending Ms. Hill – that’s MSNBC’s job. Just checking facts.

Something nobody in the media seems to care about doing anymore.

[1] And heaven forefend the Democrats socialize “dinner”; it’ll be a 2,000 page bill that costs $400 billion a year for ten years and feeds us dogfood.

14 thoughts on “Point Of Order And Information

  1. If only she had simply cheated on her husband with strippers and then violated the campaign finance laws by paying them hush money through her corrupt attorney’s LLC. Then she’d be fine and could stay in office.

  2. Miss Hump’s resignation has dealt the reprobate plan to add a P to their list of normalized degeneracy a severe blow.

    When decent people get a peek into the choas that lives between each letter of the LGBTQ(P) lifestyle, an involuntary gag is induced. The whole thing is off limits for a time.

    You can feel the despair in D_K’s wretched morning salutations. “His kids” will be well into adulthood before he can operate among them openly.

  3. I think it would be interesting to know the significance of that Iron Cross tat’ for the ex-Congresswoman. Well, for anyone. I mean, perhaps it doesn’t mean anything other than looking cool or butch or something, but given the symbol’s history as documented here, I wonder.

    Her resignation was a bit of a surprise. I mean, our own little Ilhan has just as much crap in her baggage; less overtly salacious but more than made up for by immigration, taxation, and campaign finance irregularities. Perhaps the Democrat machine figured out that given the voters in MN-CD5, there was no danger of Ilhan losing the seat. whereas, #KatieHill s victory in 2018 was on the backs of the #NeverTrump suburban wine moms in an otherwise affluent, white Chamber of Commerce district who may not be so, um, reliable in this situation. I don’t know, on the third hand, K-Hill was playing with staff which is apparently a bridge too far. For now.

  4. Not going to bother reading emetic anymore so I don’t know what he said, but jdm, you’ve got it right, it was the staffer, and not just the sex, but Hill was paying the staffer hush money from official funds, and that’s the bridge you mentioned.

  5. I was in Germany this past year, and the Iron cross appears on civilian cars used for staff purposes of the Budeswehr, with the slogan “Wir. Dienen. Deutschland.”

    You know, one of those parliamentary republics the DFL wants us to be like.

  6. To be fair this is a less extreme example of saying the swastika was orignially a Hindu symbol that the Nazi’s co-opted. While technically true its not what 90%+ of the population knows it for.

  7. This symbol became a fad back in the late 60s among surfers in California. Then, it was referred to as “the Surfer’s Cross”. Perhaps Katie was a surfer and reverted back in time and got it tattooed on her body. Lots of those old hippie surfers did that, too.

  8. You know, there is one really good lesson from this whole debacle; polyamory tends to work out really, really badly in the long run. In a world where Planned Parenthood, via its “Teenwire” affiliate, promotes the notion that sex is merely meeting a biological need and can be pursued recklessly. Ms. Hill has demonstrated that’s probably not so.

  9. I think polyamory works in patriarchies. In a patriarchy, multiple wives are a sign of status.
    Kind of like “trophy wives” in the West.

  10. No argument that multiple wives/sex partners/etc.. can be a status symbol. That noted, I’m told that the harem attendants/eunuchs are there not predominantly to help the ladies with their hair and clothes and bathing, but to keep them from killing one another. The woman who is the reputed “Vashti” from the book of Esther, Amestris, reputedly brutally mutilated one of her rivals when she slept with Xerxes. The accounts I’ve seen indicate that harems were politically charged in a way that makes DC pale in comparison.

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