Stupid Victims

Grief and stupidity make people say stupid things. I’m sure aggressors’ families blaming the victim when their spawn comes to grief is nothing new.

What’s new is, this sort of story – the family of some felon shot by a law-abiding citizen while committing a crime, complaining that armed citizens make for an unfair fight – seems to be making the news more and more,

I recall two parents of “Teens” killed trying to rob people, and the family of someone killed by citizen with an AR, that’ve made the news in recent years saying the same kind of thing “yeah, whatever, my relatives were threatening people with lethal force – BUT THE VICTIM SHOULDN’T HAVE SHOT THEM!”.

In this week’s installment, the sister of armed robber Roosevelt Rappley – who has apparently lost a previous brother to “gun violence” – condemns the store clerk who shot her brother after Mr. Rappley allegedly pointed a gun at the clerk:

“Right and wrong is wrong, that was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest. Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh, well! Call the police, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands.”

Rappley is a person of interest in several other store robberies.

Watch the video for the full effect.

Almost like Big Media trying to get stupid people to believe something even dumber.

4 thoughts on “Stupid Victims

  1. The shooting occurred on N. Gettysburg Ave. Where else would a Negro man go after some reperashunz! Do we need more proof of wypipulz privilege?

  2. The funny parts about these apologists for their thug relatives, is they all use the same buzz phrases, no doubt coached by the lame stream propaganda spewers. To wit:
    “He was such a good kid”
    “He was just starting to turn his life around”

    You know, classic failure to acknowledge that the person was engaged in violent criminal activity.


    I’m sure it’s not stupid to say ‘Don’t be a fool” to the dictator of another country. I’m sure it’s not stupid to say “if you do good things” because that’s so specific that anyone can figure out what you’re after.

    This is your foreign policy genius/tough guy/great negotiator. But hey, let’s focus instead on the idiocy of a random, ill-educated (seemingly), ignorant American..or rather, let’s focus on the idiocy of an ill-educated, ignorant American (leading the free world), as I’d like to focus on one who matters rather than one who doesn’t.

  4. Sure, it wasn’t a fair fight. Citizen’s privately owned carry gun is generally a lot higher quality than the “Saturday Night Specials” used and thrown away by thugs, and that’s exactly the way we want things to be. Fair fights last longer and get more people hurt, and it’s a good thing when things are “unfair” against a criminal who uses lethal force to commit a crime.

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