The Bloom Is Off The Rose

Barack Obama was on the campaign trail in the weeks leading up to mid-terms…

…and it’d seem he had the same results at mid-terms that he did as president:

Now – if only we can get the Dems to endorse Elizabeth Warren, and get Obama to stump for her…

3 thoughts on “The Bloom Is Off The Rose

  1. Two of those names are from FL and Broward country is doing what it can to reverse those results. Then there’s AZ.

    Silly Rethuglicans. No election’s over until the left says it’s over.

  2. … and let’s not forget “our friends”, the True Conservatives™, who see these coming reversals as good, preventing much worse things like more conservative judges or fully funded and maintained borders. The very ideals of fascism.

  3. While the cameras were focused on Obama getting off one end of the plane, they didn’t see lawyers and boxes of ballots slipping out the other door.

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