Chris Coleman Whistles Past The Clogged Street

A friend of the blog writes

As I was helping my Congolese neighbor out of the alley this morning, we talked more about the roads in DRC versus here. He told me that being buried in snow here is not as bad as being buried in mud there because at least you can dig out of snow. Then, he said the DRC government tells the people that those muddy wreck of roads are International roads. He said that is an example of a fake government.

Again, I can’t help but draw comparisons to what liberal St Paul voters and liberal elected leaders would like the city to become.

When the St Paul GOP merely posed the question of why major streets in St Paul can’t be plowed during the storm, rather than waiting until it’s all over, Democratic candidate for Governor, Chris Coleman, so stupidly believes that meant plowing before any snow fell.


(I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is only pretending to be that stupid). But, his statement on Twitter (along with many other falsehoods he told during his time as mayor) certainly give me the impression that St Paul government is somewhat fake, too.

Not suire if the former Mayor and current Goober candidate is “stupid” so much as “very poorly placed to comment”; Saint Paul’s snow plowing went from “spotty but effective” under Norm Coleman and Randy Kelliy to “third world” level under Coleman.  During snowstorm ater snowstorm, Saint Paul’s streets would resemble Bolivian goat paths after six inches of snow. . “It’s a biblical deliuge”, the city’s bureaucrats and flaks would protest – but a drive across Larpenteur into Roseville would show you that the only biblical retribution that the city faced were a plague of locusts working as bureaucrats in charge of getting ostensibly useful things done.   (And it’s not just snow plowing).

So Mayor Coleman’s quip is a bitter joke for any Saint Paul taxpayer – especially the ones that needed to drive anywhere during the 24 years it seemed he ran the place. . .

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  1. if you want to read an amusing (and sanitized) profile of ineffectual bureaucratic history thisbit on Ayd Mill Road should bring you up to speed.
    remember millions of ratepayers dollars were sunk into it – particularly the EIS processes
    if you don’t know the Ayd Mill Road seek it out – its educational.

  2. Saint Paul has always had crazy politician – and when I say crazy, I am speaking literally, not figuratively.

    The all-time best was “Supermayor” Charles P. M’Carty who served from 1970-1972. Charley had the police furnish him a “Supercar” and driver so he could show up wherever there was a fire, a police action or more accurately, a TV camera.

    He was my old Boy Scout master and rumor has that he launched his political career on the day he went to pay a snowbird ticket.

    Charley, being Charley, made a grand show of the injustice of being tagged, and the clerk (who knew him, everyone did) told him, “Hell Charley, think of yourself as lucky that your street got plowed, the city blew through it’s plowing budget last month (and that was December).

    Charley then made a campaign out of city mismanagement. He would have a grand time today.

    Another rumor has it that the night someone tossed a Molotov Cocktail on the porch of Dirty Gerty’s (a Selby-Dale strip club) and the Saint Paul “riots” began, Charley called Gov. Levander and demanded tanks be sent in. The governor was rumored to tell him, “We don’t have any.”

    A few minutes later, the governor got another call, “You do too.”

    Again, all of this silliness is rumor – but with Charley everything was 90% myth. However, as a strange a character as he was, he could not compete with the clowns who run the city today.

  3. St. Paul doesn’t plow the streets until the snow is packed into an icy mess, and then the “environmentalists” that run the city wonder why four wheel drive vehicles are so popular year round…..

  4. In this age of Catastrophic Global Warming, why, oh why, are we still talking about plowing snow?

  5. St Paul gives the tow truck operator community plenty of time to be rested and ready so they can perform their role in one of the city’s top ten revenue sources; tthe confiscatory fees & fines associated with retrieving a vehicle from a St Paul impound lot.

  6. Out here in the City of West Bumpkinton, our muni works go around before it snows spraying some kind of beet juice brine prior to snow falling on the primary and secondary streets. They claim it aids in getting their sand/salt mix to work better (so they use less) as they plow when the snow does hit. So yes ex-Mayor, some cities do in fact plow or at least pre-treat prior to snowfall.
    Maybe the new Mayor could cross train the Diversity Coordination staff and Human Rights & Equal Employment Opportunity commissioners (21 people!) as plow operators so they have plenty of people they can call into action for a snow emergency and get the recipe for the beet juice brine from guys here at the West Bumpkinton muni works. By pre-treating the streets then plowing before the storm is over, residents wouldn’t be getting stuck or might be able to get their vehicle out of a tow zone prior to declaration of a snow emergency.
    On second thought, that would be stupid… why ruin the cash flow they get from the impound lots?

  7. St. Paul streets are 3rd world goat paths, but the city has a full time “bicycle coordinator”.

    And You think Coleman failed?

    You poor, deluded fools.

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