5 thoughts on “Q: Why Are Democrats Alwaya Yapping About “White Nationalist Terror”?

  1. Yup! Blatant hypocrisy on full display. Goes right along with their feminist benefactors wailing that “all women should be believed”, except if they are conservatives. Total frauds!

  2. There are a few people in the US that could be labeled “Right Wing Terrorists.” It’s a big country, we even have the spectacle of satanists holding a convention with attendees REQUIRED TO BE VAXXED AND MASKED.
    But R wing terrorists are almost all lone wolves. The OK City bombing was a plot involving all of three people.
    The FBI has great tools for tracking and breaking up conspiracies, especially if they cross state or international borders.
    The FBI does not have great tools for dealing with lone wolves. Pretty much the only way to stop that is a Department of Pre-Crime, since the Right Wing Terrorist usually has broken no laws until they open fire or the bomb goes off.
    But the Dems & news media demand Right Wing Terrorists be identified and thrown in jail so we get an FBI that finds oddballs like the Michigan Militia and manipulated them into conspiring so here we are.

  3. You can pretty well count on if there are more than 3 in a RW terror group at least half of them will be from a 3-letter agency.

  4. Recent MSM bit on the riots in Brazil about a presidential election dispute had the commentators foaming at the mouth with references to Jan 6 and how it inspired the riots. I said to myself: this is South America we’re talking about, right? Where stolen elections, civil unrest, and suppression of freedom is a feature, not a bug.

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