They Told Me…

…that if I voted for Republicans, it’d usher in a hellscape of misery and deprivation.

And they were right.

The wealthiest society in history, at the greatest time in history to be a human, is being told by the Handmaidens of the Elite to get ready for, in effect, rationing.

Remember this.

Let’s go, Brandon.

15 thoughts on “They Told Me…

  1. I work in supply chain, and suffice it to say that the difficulties I’m seeing with Asian supply chain belie the notion that Asia has COVID in check. And yes, a 50% rise in fuel costs isn’t helping, either.

  2. So far I’m only seeing sporadic missing items at the true grocery stores, but take a stroll through the grocery section of your local Target and you’ll see entire swaths of products missing, or the shelves filled in with product that doesn’t match the shelf tags – its whatever they have in the back room that sort of substitutes for that missing product, but they aren’t changing the shelf price tags.

    I’ve started to look hard at what we use regularly that is shelf stable and we’re slowly building up some back-stock in case things go very sideways later this winter. I’ve also implemented some substitutions where I’m finding no availability – generally, I’m seeing large serving packaging more available than single-serve.

  3. Believe it or not, the Democrats are running on defeat, pestilence, scarcity, and wont.
    We’ve done run out of apocalyptic horsemen.

  4. Brad:
    Yup! Even though my kids are living in other states, we still buy the bulk stuff at Sam’s and Costco. We were just there on Friday evening to buy all of my wife’s holiday baking supplies. Anything that is shelf stable for a few months, we doubled up on.
    My brother and I just split a whole beef critter from a farmer in SW Minnesota. The bad part is that all of the small, local meat processors are out six to eight months. With deer hunting season right around the corner, a lot of deer will not get processed as fast as they would like.

  5. Are you better off than you were four years ago?
    Jeff Bezos says “Yes!”

  6. Another reason that supply chain is hurting is the COVID bonus on unemployment–since most warehouse employees are fairly low paid, a lot of them have been sitting this one out. And just in time for that to end, Biden has decided to require businesses to require people get vaccinated. Oopsie.

    On the bright side, a good friend of mine is doing great working for a company that is helping Amazon automate their warehouses. But keep increasing that minimum wage, Democrats! That’ll help!

  7. Another reason – one of many. I am currently dealing with a lot of logistics issues and it is a nightmare. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  8. On the bright side, a good friend of mine is doing great working for a company that is helping Amazon automate their warehouses.

    I had a headhunter send me an email about one of these jobs. Sent it back with instructions not to bother me with anything connected to Amazon.

  9. The good news is that Southwest Airlines has cancelled thousands of flights, and there was an air traffic controller walkout, all because of vax mandates.

    Let’s go Brandon!!

  10. kinlaw,
    It may not just be Southwest pilots. I’m still trying to verify this, but, allegedly, a fair number of air traffic controllers have also staged a sick out to protest mandatory jabs.

  11. I’ve heard that the air traffic controllers were given 2 days off after getting the jab.
    So a significant number of them got the jab on the same day.
    Look for more incompetence like this.
    It ain’t going to get better, it’s going to get worse as Biden’s incompetence increases and his mental state declines.
    Don’t forget that we are talking about a guy who, when he was young, before his two brain aneurisms, graduated 78th out of 85 at a third tier law school.

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