Perhaps you’ve heard – it’s been in all the headlines; a shooting in a Saint Paul bar left one dead and 14 injured.

It took place in one of the many bars along West Seventh that suffered horribly with the shutdown of all events at the XCel Center, Ordway and the Science Museum, and the concertgoers and hockey fans and general tourists that used to crowd the area on a beautiful evening.

And the crowd that replaced them, when they could open at all, was a little…edgier? More likelly to cause problems? Bars in the area, and up on Cathedral Hill, had a much different atmosphere. Charged. Jumpy. Ready to blow.

And at the Truick Park – across from Cossetta, where the Seven Corners Hardware store used to be – things finally blew up.

Now, most of the politicians in Saint Paul – a city controlled by the DFL for over 60 years, and where county prosecutors have all but given up, well, prosecuting, had the good common sense to shut the hell up.

Not Carlos Marianil, the DFLer who “represents” the neighborhood.

But the three perps that where arrested all had lengthy felony records – so they wouldn’t have taken any background checks, whether “Universal”, or for that matter ‘intelligent and meaningful”, or not.

And who would have entered a “Red Flag” order on them?

Rep. Mariani’s next statement wasn’t especially intelligent – but it was meaningful, albeit in a sinister way:

So here’s the message; if you start a business in Saint Paul, after the state tried to kill you off with the hamfisted lockdown, and the Karens that make up the majority in your neighborhood decide to keep hiding in their basements and not go to bars and hockey games and shows at the Ordway, and you have to take whatever clientele you can to stay afloat, and problems erupt, your government will try to stuff you under the bus.

But! If you see that the clientele might have the potential to cause problems, and they’re not conveniently politically neutral (like people wearing motorcycle “club” paraphernalia)? Well, then the locals in and out of government will stuff you, on the other hand, under the bus: when the late, great “Bar Louie” chain tried to see to its own security, in exactly the way Mariani demands, the Karens from the Non-Profit/Industrial Complex were waiting to stomp on that as well. If it walks like a gang member and talks like a gang member, apparently you’re a racist.

So to take Mariani, and both city councils and both county prosecutors at their words:

  1. if you try to pre-empt trouble, you’re racist.
  2. If you make the the best of things and the crowd causes problems, they’ll throw you under the bus.
  3. The county attorneys won’t touch the petty criminals, and even the not so petty ones can’t seem to get put in jail no matter how they try.
  4. And if you say that that you expect the government to which you pay taxes to see to public safety? That’s your privilege talking.

Starting a business here sounds like. a great bet, doesn’t it?

Fearless Prediction: The media will start running even more “thjink” pieces on how it’s “Racist” to demand law and order.

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  1. If you read between the lines, much of the violence and many of the murders in the TC since last June are gang tit-for-tat and turf wars.
    I predicted this when the elites began to push the idea of “defunding the police” last year.
    I will also note that I was correct when I predicted last year that the lockdowns would lead to wide spread civil unrest.

  2. Fearless Prediction: The media will start running even more “thjink” pieces on how it’s “Racist” to demand law and order.

    You know, with that defund the po-lice measure up to a vote in Mpls, I think this is probably a gimme.

    Interesting run-down of the recent history of the 7th Ave and Cathedral Hill areas. I’m thinking that won’t be found anywhere else.

    You’re still forgetting the primary role that judges are playing in all this.

  3. No names or descriptions…they might just as well put it in the headline

    “Armed negroes invade entertainment district; bullets fly.”

  4. … want to add this tweet from Bill Glahn.

    We’ve already forgotten Wednesday’s rolling gun battle at Target Field

  5. And when law abiding middle class people, appalled and frightened at the growing violence of the under class, vote with their feet by moving out of Saint Paul, this will be called “white flight.”

  6. Even Betty McCollom was caught off-balance, uttering that she was praying for the victims. Since she can’t even say “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, and given the various “altars” she worships at, I can’t imagine her “prayers” bringing much comfort.

    The owner of Cossetta’s was quoted, blaming the homeless center that moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. His complaints about the center – and it’s clientele hassling his clientele on the sidewalks – have been steady. This attack, however, has little directly to do with the shelter.

    The biggest thing I see from this is that, while we know that gang-bangers have few rules or decorum, this time they were willing to open fire across a crowded room instead of at select street corners or “murder” gas stations. How depraved and sociopathic do you have to be to open fire in that environment? The woman who was killed was caught in the crossfire as one shooter was firing at people behind her.

  7. Does anyone have a listing of the arrest and conviction records of the perps here? It does strike me that if each perp/accused had a long list of felonies, they ought to have been in jail and not available for this kind of killing. And as NW notes, this is resembling a “cold Gary” or “Cold South Side of Chicago” quite a bit.

    A bitter way of phrasing NW’s comment is “if you’re using the John Woo grip, perhaps it’s not that much worse to fire into a crowd than your ordinary sites for crimes…..”

  8. Emery, it’s worth noting that whatever the BACs of the perps, it’s illegal to have more than a drink or two and carry. Or, as my carry permit instructor said with a sigh, “we shouldn’t have to mention this….” So that’s another set of crimes beyond illegal ownership by a felon, unlawful carry (by a felon), shooting at people (by a felon), etc.. This list of crimes is exactly why gun rights activists like myself ask gun banners “exactly why do you think one more law would stop these hooligans? They broke several before they pulled the trigger the first time!”.

    That noted, maybe…before you blame demon rum, maybe we ought to find out if the perps had actually been drinking, let alone at that establishment, before committing their particular atrocity? Just sayin’.

  9. From WCCO’s report:

    Three suspects are in custody. WCCO has learned at the time of the shooting one of them had an active warrant for his arrest. According to documents, he failed to show up for a sentencing hearing in May. The suspects have not yet been charged, so WCCO is not naming them. Two are convicted felons with lengthy criminal histories.

  10. According to documents, he failed to show up for a sentencing hearing in May

    Why show up when you know they’ll just let you go anyway? Homey don’t play that game.

  11. jdm – I’m just waiting to find out how much bail (if any) he posted, and what the original charge was. There are so many reports lately of people who are clearly a threat to society “missing” their sentencing dates.

  12. NW, those are fair concerns and they should be resolved. My take, however, is that judges in general but especially the criminal law judges in the metro area are letting criminals go free regardless of what they’ve done and how many times they’ve done it. This is nearly a daily occurrence as reported by @CrimeWatchMpls.

  13. Things only intellectuals believe:
    -Reducing arrests reduces crime.
    -Women have penises and can impregnate men.

  14. I just want to point out the words of Rep Liz:

    “Gun violence is a public health crisis and we need to take action as such.”

    In other words, they want to get the CDC involved. Remember eviction moratoriums instituted by the Centers for DISEASE Control?

    Yeah, wait til they get their hands on gun policy. Gun laws by diktat, from unelected bureaucrats.

  15. BPct; if you gave someone, who knew nothing of the US population, the crime stats by race, they would assume America was 2/3 black.

  16. Today is Columbus day.

    As we watch Leftist reprobates and the descendants of African slaves pull it all down, it’s good time to reflect on the man who ushered the arrival of White, Western European civilization.

    We had a pretty good run.

  17. “DJ Peter Parker experienced the shock firsthand. Like every Saturday night for the past four months, Parker was playing mainstream hip-hop…”

    Idiots were just begging for it.

  18. U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, who represents St. Paul, issued a statement saying, “We must never allow this kind of criminal act to happen again.”

    jfc…that wretched woman.

    If insipid stupidity were a marketable commodity, I’d fight tooth and nail to manage McColon.

  19. Emery on October 11, 2021 at 10:12 am said:
    Alcohol and guns — what could possibly go wrong.

    Emery on October 11, 2021 at 11:10 am said:
    ^ Yeah, because acknowledging that we have a serious gang violence problem where half of gun murders in this country are committed by a small group of inner city criminals representing >1% of the total population is totally racist.

    Less than one hour between posting nonsensical snark about guns and posting racist rant. This is why I say Emery is not a person, it’s a concept, a collective of trolls all posting under the same name. No intellect is involved.

  20. No intellect is involved.

    Yep, the keyboard is triggered by certain phrases, and the response is automatic. Kind of like the public address system at O’Hare that was prompted to page “Passenger Let’s Go Brandon” last week.

  21. I watched boy mayor carter speak at a press conference. He called the shootings one of the most heartbreaking incidents in St Paul in anyone’s memory. Guess he forgot about the four people abducted and murdered a couple of weeks ago. It’s the new normal I guess.

  22. “13% of the population, 68% of the murders..” Yes, and you can break it down further because no doubt most are males, which gives you 6-7%, and most probably committed by young males between, say, 15 and 27 years old. So, 2, maybe 3% of the population commits most of the homicides

  23. Almost all the murders in Minnesota occur in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which have a combined population of around 500,000. 2% would be 10,000. Do we believe there are 10,000 young Black men committing murders? I doubt it. 1,000? Still hard to believe.

    No matter the exact number, how many of those people must a vigilante remove from society before the society becomes peaceful and law-abiding? Not all of them, surely. Some would get the message and move back to Chicago, or to East St. Louis, or somewhere safer. 50? 100?

    Can we get law enforcement to publish the photos, names and addresses of the top 100 most annoying gang-bangers in the Twin Cities?

  24. As I recall, St Paul back in the 20s and 30s was considered a nice quiet place for Chicago gangsters to get some R & R. Hasn’t changed in 100 years.
    98 people were shot last week in #Chicago, 10 fatally.

    Same week last year: 96 shot, 15 fatally.

    2021 YTD: 671 killed, 3,083 wounded
    2020 YTD: 628 killed, 2,762 wounded

  25. I showed Derbyshire’s article to a grandson who has marinated in the public schools. He immediately responded, “That’s racist.”

    And was completely stumped when I retorted, “But is it true?”

    I have some repair work to do.

  26. Keep up the good work, JD. At least, it’s a grandson. There’s some amount, even of only residual, of logic and reason that you can appeal to.

  27. You’re right JD. Not all are muderers; some deal dope; some commit armed robberies; some jack cars…

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