Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Richard Fernandez writes an insightful column about The Garden Administration’s stunning reversal of fortune. From the economy to the border to foreign affairs to the culture war, we’re losing everything, everywhere, and all at once. On the bright side, they may have killed the last, best hope for freedom in the world; but their pronouns are up-to-date.

Joe Doakes

As someone who was there (albeit very young, and very Democrat), this feels an awful lot like the 1970s.

But there is no Herb Brooks warming up in the wings. R

on DeSantis has a chance of being well Reagan, at least.

4 thoughts on “Decline

  1. this feels an awful lot like the 1970s

    It’s worse. In so many ways but the worst aspect is the hysterical girly-man reaction to a flu-variant that reveals there’s no there there. Back then there were still people alive and in power who lived through the Great (aka Real) Depression, WWII, Korea – real crises – shit, in 68 and 69 there was a deadly flu and Woodstock was held. Pick a fight with the US today, militarily, economically, or any other way and the only issue will be how fast will be the surrender.

  2. jdm
    Correct, also we must stop mocking the French as “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, at this juncture its unseemly.

  3. Pig, there’s a lot of things we’re gonna have to stop doing from here on out. My favorite is that our so-called allies in western Europe, who were so effing happy to get rid of Trump, now get to suck it as the repercussions of the Biden “decisions” become manifest.

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