Just So We’re Clear On This

As this is written, the MNGOP Executive Committee is scheduled to meet on Sunday night. The Lazzaro Fiasco is forcing action.

The following needs to happen, while events are still even partly in the Executive Committee’s control:

  1. Chairwoman Carnahan needs to resign.
  2. If she doesn’t, the Executive Committee (henceforth EC) needs to put her on leave.
  3. The EC needs to commission an independent financial audit.
  4. All “Nondisclosure Aghreements” (NDAs) with former staffers need to be voided; NDAs don’t cover illegal activities.
  5. The list of those NDAs needs to be made public. The considerations – reportedly $10,000, in some cases, of GOP money – need to be publicized, as part of the audit.

The EC, in short, needs to rip out the rot, fraud and corruption by the root, while it still can.

Because if they don’t, the following will happen:

  • The GOP will get slaughtered in the statewide races in 2022. It may happen anyway, but if the repairs don’t start immediately, it’s not even debateable.
  • Even though Legislative races are the job of the House and Senate GOP committees and the local units of the party, the general public doesn’t know this. Hell, I barely knew it until probably 10-12 years ago. As of two weeks ago, people were expressing some confidence about taking the House back from the scandal-ridden DFL. If this isn’t fixed, stat, that is out the door.

Will the EC act?

Please tell us the EC is smarter than the Judicial Nomination Committee.

Anyway – fix this.

While you can.

10 thoughts on “Just So We’re Clear On This

  1. items 1-4 will not happen, the EC like Ahmed Elmi married their sister and they’re not looking for a divorce. Expect instead a sternly worded press release demanding that from now on everyone behave! After all this is the Uniparty we’re talking about.

  2. I don’t know if it’s significant or not, but Alpha News has reports of a growing number of Rep pols want JC to resign. Perhaps the key is that the heretic Rep. Jeremy Munson is in that list – and Daudt is not.

  3. QAnon followers were correct after all — a political party was sex trafficking children, they just had the wrong party.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt Gaetz has Tony Lazzaro and Gisela Castro Medina on speed dial.

  4. The MNGOP will never get its shit together. The problem is not the crazies, it is the chamber of commerce Republicans, the Al Quie wing is in charge at the executive level.

  5. Ms Carnahan is down on her knees thanking G-d for Slow Joe and the Taliban knowing that due to their efforts her little problems have already slipped out of focus for even local media and she won’t have to resign after all.

  6. Color me as “just don’t get it.” This “sex scandal” has nothing to do with the GOP Chairmanship, and this constant “guilt by association” trick the Democrats let us play on ourselves all the time is just silly. Now, if a financial audit is needed and finds something questionable, as should be ordered by the EC, only THEN sould we talk about getting rid of an otherwise seemingly effective Chair.

  7. The leader of Minnesota’s “Big Lie” committee. I wonder if her husband is going down with her? He’s barely been elected the last 2 times.

    Carnahan, Lindell, Lazaro. That’s where Trump has led the GOP.

    Will being sufficiently Pro-Trump be a prerequisite for the next GOP Chair?

  8. I did some thinking on whether Carnahan would know about Lazzaro’s crimes, and if we’re going to play guilt by association, let’s get started….with Obama’s associations with the Daleys, Blago, Rezko, and a bunch of other people who did or should spend some serious time in prison. Or Biden’s selling of influence on behalf of his son, and the association of Clinton with a proven sex trafficker named “Epstein”, who I’ve heard didn’t kill himself.

    Really, I can think of any number of people who have been close to known criminals, but did not themselves know about the criminality. To assume that Carnahan was associated with Lazzaro criminally because he was associated with them politically is just silly. If I were in the GOP inner circle, while I’d certainly be asking pointed questions to get at whether she did know, I’d simultaneously understand (unlike too many in politics) that guilt by association was a fallacy.

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