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  1. Correct, nothing to see here. The perp is an illegal. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

  2. I put the blame for this puke being on the streets squarely on the Scott County Republican Party.

    Let’s remind ourselves that judges are elected. Why did the party not vet judges and prosecutors in Scott County and present the voters with a sample ballot?

    It is not hard to do.

    And to get socially responsible candidates elected is their only job.

  3. I was tempted to mention “the Devil’s eating our children” Kathleen Morris – but just couldn’t bear to recall the memory.

    Thanks a lot PB. 🙂

    I lived in Chaska at the time and spent many a day mountain biking on the Louisville Swamp trails. At one point in the hysteria, the papers recounted the testimony of a child who described a baby being thrown off a bridge into the swamp.

    WTF, I thought, I know that bridge, it is a whole foot and a half over the water and the water is no more than 6 inches deep.

    One would have thought that any investigator worth their salt would check out the scene of the purported crime…..but with Ms. Morris at the helm, it was more about belief than investigation.

    How could anyone be so stupid?

    Then came climate change.

  4. We are being gaslit all the time these days.
    The city of Minneapolis is offering free $100 Visa cards if you get vaxxed.
    I guess all the conservative republican trumpkins in Minneapolis are dragging down their vax stats.

  5. The city of Minneapolis is offering free $100 Visa cards if you get vaxxed.

    Soooooooooooo, why not hold out until they offer $200?

  6. The local Shakopee discussion page on Farcalpage couldn’t stand the discussion of his immigration status. It was too triggering and political.

  7. /“The city of Minneapolis is offering free $100 Visa cards if you get vaxxed.”/

    Free shots, free donuts, free rides, million dollar lottery prizes, I see hiring signs everywhere. The Biden administration has not failed to prevent the spread. Uninformed, uninterested, people that are empirically wrong — they are not processing information in a rational way. 

    One other point: The largest correlative factor for not getting vaccinated is political tribalism.

  8. The largest correlative factor for media not reporting real news is political tribalism.
    The largest correlative factor for Emery writing some idiotic pro-Biden comment is political tribalism.

    Self referential humor or cry for help?
    “Uninformed, uninterested, people that are empirically wrong — they are not processing information in a rational way. ”
    We know, Emery. Seek help.

  9. The Right is politically/tribally *required* to oppose the vaccines.

    If Trump was in office, the Right would be vaccinated at levels that mirror or exceed Trump’s support/approval levels. And the same people who are demagoguing the vaccines, and all rational efforts to procure “herd vaccination”….would be falling over themselves promoting Trump as the greatest president in history for his stewardship of vaccine development/roll out.

  10. Pontificating once again is the wholly uncredentialed Emery who makes really really bad(incoherent) arguments all the time!

  11. Twitter booted Dr. Robert Malone, the guy who invented mRNA technology, because he’s got concerns and is sharing them.

    So, now he’s on Gab, where no leftist reprobates will read his warnings, to wit; vaccines that do not prevent transmission of viruses (vis: all the ‘rona vaccines) can cause the virus to mutate into more virulent strains as they spread.

    Basically, he’s saying all the ignorant slobs that got juiced could be responsible for a real, deadly virus outbreak. He’s not sure, he is upfront about the lack of solid research, but Twitter is taking no chances.

    Hopefully, the ignorant juicers will not be carriers, and will die before they kill everyone around them. As for me, they’ll have to strap me down to a execution table to get that shit into me; and I’ll take some of those sons a bitches with me, have no doubt.

    Oh, BTW…How many juicings did you say you got Hayduke/Weiner/Avidor? I think its time for a booster, boy.

    You’re a fucking super spreader, and a danger to society, rn.

  12. BPCT, I am not looking at the data. All of these people know more about viruses than I do. Not epidemiology, tho. That is a value laden, public health, political thing in 2021. All you need to know more about epidemiology than your cretinous “public health official” is a library card and an interest in the truth.
    At this point I am looking at who has lied to me about the virus in the past.
    This list includes Fauci, and all of his CDC spokesmen, and the whole lot of government “public health officials.” Walz, Evers, and virtually all of the media. The only reason I leave Trump off the list is that he never claimed to be an authoritative source & you would be crazy to pay attention to look for truth in his twitter rants anyhow.
    So we are on our own. But knowing who you CAN’T trust has some value.

  13. MP, I think Fauchi’s gain of function research is in field trials.

    I feel bad for some of the elderly guinea pigs, and those who have been forced into choosing between their jobs and being test subjects. But the majority of the people that ran out to get juiced earned it all, and the world will be a better place when they’re gone.

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