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  1. The fact that thousands of disease carrying illegals have been flooding across our borders, has been known for a couple of months now. Sadly, WuFlu is the least of these ailments. German Measles, rheumatic fever and polio strains that are resistant to current treatments, should really scare the left wing true believers. But, it apparently doesn’t.

  2. But, it apparently doesn’t

    Of course not, boss. The elites keep to themselves doing whatever they want (Obama 60th b-day party). Their true believers (one of whom should be popping up any minute now) will ignore, attack, and/or gaslight all doubters and other political “jews”. The TBs think that if they’re good little soldiers, the elites will let them into the club but they won’t. They’re just kapos.

  3. Thousands of illegals with COVID have been sent north on buses. God only knows what percentage of current cases are the result, but they’re going through what Fauci and Biden have to know are some of the most vulnerable parts of the country (more obesity, older, less vaccinated), and are as well places with his political opponents.

  4. It can be said, without hyperbole, that the Pedophile in Chief and his degenerates are unleashing a pandemic on the people of the US. But no one is saying that.

    VP Kameltoe Hairs is supposed to be on top of the border invasion. Pedo Joe put her in charge; said she was uniquely qualified for the job. Since shaming the country during her disastrous trips to Guatamala and Mexico, she has been laying low, which is understandable. But she does not have plausible deniability regarding the thousands of disease ridden, low IQ foreign nationals crossing our borders illegally, spreading misery to Americans across the country.

    I think it’s time to draw up articles of impeachment for this criminal.

  5. Screenplay from new Sci Fi apocalypse movie. Politician seated at desk addressing scientist in lab coat as security men with earwigs glower.

    Pol: What’s the problem, Doctor?

    Dr: There is a flood of illegal immigrants at the border.

    Pol: That’s not a problem, that’s a solution. We’re replacing independent-minded, authority-questioning Americans with collective-minded, authority-obeying foreigners. They’re easier to control ensuring my party retains power forever.

    Dr: Yes, but they’re infected with a deadly virus and they’re spreading it wherever we send them to await processing for citizenship.

    Pol: Again, not a problem, another solution. Send them wherever my opponent has the most popular support. Killing his unvaccinated supporters is even better than diluting their votes, we can say it’s their own fault. My pollster will help you target the resettlement areas. I’m afraid that’s all the time we have today. Thank you for coming.

    End scene

  6. VP Kameltoe Hairs is supposed to be on top of the border invasion. Pedo Joe put her in charge; said she was uniquely qualified for the job.

    Jesse Kelly: “Cannot believe people are shocked that Kamala took over the border and now it’s wide open”.

  7. The problem faced by the pro-lockdown people is that they really are not consistent or even coherent.
    When they insist that we ignore their lies, hypocrisy, and unreason, and instead focus on their brilliant white lab coats, the correct response is mirthful laughter.

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