Narrative Hardest Hit

So why did the Democrats back off the whole “Election Refoirm” thing in Congress so hard?


Fearless prediction: being able as they are to count on the fact that the typical Democrat voter thinks Samantha Bee is “news”, they’ll keep talking about “voter suppression” anyway.

27 thoughts on “Narrative Hardest Hit

  1. What they don’t teach you in PoliSci class: losing on an issue can as good as winning, even better.

    If Democrats passed election reform, Republicans would pound on that issue from now until the mid-terms, keeping it in people’s minds, keeping the 80 million Trumpsters fired up, making everyone scrutinize the results of the new rules. That might hurt Democrats’ electoral chances.

    If Democrats try to pass election reform but hateful Republicans filibuster, then Democrats can pound on the issue reinforced by the media megaphone, keeping their Liberal base fired up and giving a perfect excuse if Democrats do poorly in the midterms: “Hateful Republicans clinging to White Supremacist Jim Crow laws blocked Black, women, Latinex, LGBTQQA+ and left-handed voters. The election was stolen.”

  2. Like I have said here before, the best response progressive election law reform is 150,000 Republican votes from Waseca.

  3. The linked poll shows support for voter ID beyond a super majority.
    Even blacks & hispanics want voter ID.
    I have never seen the purpose of making it ever easier to vote. What is the purpose? It can’t give you good government (since the word “good” is value laden).
    It could give you a more representative government, but that is problematic because everyone agrees (I think) that not everyone should feel that they are represented in law making (law breakers, for example).
    I’ve read that one of the complaints the Trumpers have about the 2020 election is that private corporations spent tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to push out the voters in anti-Trump regions of swing states. Not sure if it is true or false, since the media won’t report on it, but true or false the story degrades confidence in the fairness of elections.
    Voter ID won’t help if, for example, candidate A is barred from using FB and Twitter, and candidate B is not.

  4. Biden is going to use “evidence based community violence intervention” in the effort to reduce crime in democrat run cities. Of course the interventions won’t be where the crime is, but where the law abiding gun owners live. Red flag laws writ large, but with federal troops.

    Won’t matter anyway, jello brain is going to use nukes and F-15s on us.

  5. Is some rodent still babbling about reinstatement?

    Clue dude, just like q, proud boys, etc, lefties are the only ones talking about that.

    Haven’t seen it on this board except from your dumb ass.

    By the way, look up the link yourself, but that noted right wing rag the washington compost wrote an article in 2017 about how Hillary could still end up as president through the use of procedure.

    Do us all a favor and go back to mommies basement.

  6. Hey, I talk about this “Q” person.
    Like I wonder how the combined armed and intelligence forces of the federal government can’t ID who Q is.
    Is he the same Q guy that was on STNG? Have the feds even talked to him?

  7. The more I think of it, Voter ID is not the issue it once was. The threat in 2024 isn’t on the front end of the election, via voter suppression. It’s on the back end, after the votes have been counted.

    Democrats need to think about how to prevent state legislatures from tossing out the results of their elections on “fraud” pretenses and how the House and Senate will handle certifying the election if they do.

  8. You will not question The Narrative. Or we will crush you, pour encourager les autres.

  9. Lawyer Joe Doakes and the embarrassed Trumpalos who played footsie with the Big Lie by hiding behind “I’m just asking questions” should be very proud of themselves.

  10. 👆The ad hominem reaction

    From America’s post 9/11 hero to disgraced Trump rube. What a turn of events.

    It was a good grift while it lasted…

  11. MO, Mitch apparently doesn’t have the sack to block a piece of garbage who craps all over his place.

    Dude is crapping on you and yours Mitch. Man up and do the right thing.

    Anybody who would actually write trumpalos does not deserve the access to this fine establishment.

    What’s next pos, fraudit? No, probably another threadjack.

    Oh, and Russian collusion was a thing. And bounties. And tear gas. And lab leak. And hydroxy, and ivermectin. All disproven lies, so I am totes sure Giuliani is going away for ever.

    And what office does Giuliani hold again?

    Fine people hoax, Ukraine phone call hoax, armed insurrection, I could do this all day.

    Ever get tired of being wrong? No? I know, you just go down to the basement and curl up with your blanky and watch Tater tell you everything is going to be all right, all those bad webuwicans will be sent to the corn field.

  12. “The big lie”. “Cleanest election ever”.

    WHISTLEBLOWER: Georgia Conducted Secret Investigation of Tainted Ballots; Pressured Monitor To Recant Affidavit.

    Nothing to see here, move along. Go get arrested trying to talk to your school board.

  13. If a squirrel craps in the forest and no one notices, does it still happen?

    Squirrel posts are easy to detect, and to squirrel-scroll right on by w/o reading.

  14. Emery once again demonstrates that he does not understand ad hominem, as he has earlier demostrated his failure to understand other logical fallacies.
    Attacking the man rather than the argument is not ad hominem when the argument is “your post is not on topic.”

  15. Good one, MO. I for one appreciate the effort you put in to keep the Little Weasel under control.

  16. Between the Covid relief bill and the coming infrastructure package, the outcome of the Georgia senate runoffs was worth something like *$6-7 trillion* in extra spending.

    If not for all the “rigged election” talk, maybe enough Georgia Republicans would have turned out to prevent that.

  17. Comfortably Smug on June 24, 2021 at 10:12 am said:
    The more I think of it, Voter ID is not the issue it once was. The threat in 2024 isn’t on the front end of the election, via voter suppression. It’s on the back end, after the votes have been counted.

    FWIW, here is where Emery got his new marching orders:
    The law, known as H.R. 1 or S. 1, was full of hot-button measures — from public financing of elections to national mail voting — that were only tangentially related to safeguarding democracy, and all but ensured its failure in the Senate.
    . . .
    At the same time, reformers did not add provisions to tackle the most insidious and serious threat to democracy: election subversion, where partisan election officials might use their powers to overturn electoral outcomes.

  18. Stalin was once purported to say that it doesn’t matter who votes, only who counts the vote. Quoting Stalin to underscore a Republican strategy for winning elections seems only mildly ironic in these strange times.

  19. More gibberish from Emery.
    Or do you believe that Stalin was wrong? If Nov. 3rd 2020 proved anything, it was that the people who count the votes decide the election. The DC protesters on January 6 weren’t trying to stop the people from voting, they were trying to stop what they thought was a corrupt vote counting.
    You really are a dense little troll, Emery. You can’t string together a coherent argument. At least half the time the point you are trying to make counts against you.

  20. 👆The King of Ad hominem — projection is your obsessive compulsion. Complainers never finish first in life.

    The reason so many people believe there was electoral fraud was not because there was any evidence, but because many political “leaders” kept saying so, again and again. If all the investigations and complete lack of evidence won’t convince you the election was fair, nothing will.

    A torrent of lies cannot hide a landslide.

  21. Q. When did I claim that there was electoral fraud?
    A. Never.

    Amazing, Emery, how you went from “Trump and Putin colluded to steal the 2016 election” to “There is no such thing as a stolen election” after your guy won in 2021. You literally cannot see the stupidity of your position.
    And you have no idea what “electoral fraud” is, anyway. It’s just a concept tat you have been told to deny.

    And why is it that you believe that Trump will be reinstated in August? That sounds completely nuts to me.

  22. It comforting to know that MBerg offers up his ‘davenport of love’ for you to avail yourself of.

    We wouldn’t want you out in public spouting your nonsense….

  23. Well, I’m not the one who believes that Trump will be reinstated this August.
    That would be you, nutcase.

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