4 thoughts on “#Unexpected, As Usual

  1. I’m gonna miss it, in a way.

    Normally, you have to expose yourself to a moron for at least 1 minute before you are sure it’s a moron.

    The face diapers tell you who’s who from 30 feet away.

    No maskie: A guy you’d have a beer with

    Maskie under the nose: Not a moron, but playing one.

    Maskie: Moron

    Sportsball logo maskie: Pro moron

    Maskie in the car: Blog comment troll level moron.

  2. So the elites now want to end the lockdown.
    When the pandemic is worse than it was when the lockdowns were introduced back in March/April 2020.
    Deaths per million in the US were 6.7 per million back on April 24th, on January 16th, they were 10.07 per million.
    Lockdowns have been the greatest failure of government & intellectual elites for a century. It is a death blow to the cult of experts.

  3. MO, the best weathervane we have re: what the reprobates are up to is Reek.

    Reek was incessantly squeaking about Trump’s responsibility for bat flu for weeks, leading up to the election; now I doubt he even remembers what Covid is. Now it’s Capital incursion 24/7 and Reek is right in there; there is no thought behind any of it, he just picks up whatever reprobates are telling their dimwit army to fetch.

    Expect Reek to pick up the Covid narrative again next week, as Pedo Joe cites it as his justification for his first batch of inflammatory EO’s.

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