The Spirit Of The Season

Someday, when I’m absolute ruler and I impose a libertarian society by force, it’ll be legal to boobytrap packages to maim and mutilate “porch pirates”. So help me.

But until then, as Covid-era buying patters beget yet another wave of porch piracy plagues yet another holiday season, I figured this we the pick-me-up we all need:

Not enough fun to assuage your rage?

Well, lhere’sthe sequel:

And then, bigger and badder than before, this year’s episode:

And what the heck – since I know some of my readers are engineers, and others are just plain diabolical (but in a good way), here’s the how-to:

I, myself, see a glorious commercial manufacturing and marketing opportunity.

11 thoughts on “The Spirit Of The Season

  1. I could have sworn Trump said Biden would “cancel the Christmas season”.

    You have that backwards, dimwit. Trump has canceled the Christmas season for the millions of tiny minds he haunts, 24/7.

    So, Anguished Trumpmas to you cheese whiz troll, and to all your wretched ilk. Enjoy your masked up, solitary, frozen turkey dinner. Remember; your sacrifice is shared by millions of other masked morons.

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  3. Emery,

    Threadjacks excised.

    I pick the subjects.

    If you want editorial control, you can start your own blog.

  4. 👆Good example of how 95% of the time “cancel culture” just means “I’m getting a lot of criticism and I don’t like it.

  5. 👆Merry Christmas 🎄

    The only packages that are left untouched on my doorstep are dead rabbits. It’s my dog’s way of telling me she is satisfied with the level of customer service she is receiving lately.

  6. Emery re rabbits – yep. That’s when I knew my dogs loved me.

    The equivalent lately – the cat dropping the odd dead mouse by my bed overnight.

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