This is Cynthia Johnson – a Democrat Michigan state representative, and her message to “Trump supporters”.

I’m done with asking questions like “can you imagine what would happen if a Republican, no matter how obscure, no matter how far removed from any actual political clout, were to say something like this?”.

We can’t. There’s no point in trying. Even asking for a pretense of “fairness” in the mainstream media’s reporting of these things is as pointless as wondering “wouldn’t it have been cool if the Japanese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor” while climing down the cargo net into a Higgins Boat off Utah Beach; fun to think about, but utterly pointless in light of current fact.

There’s a civil war afoot – and a lot of Democrats are pretty happy about it.

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  1. There’s a civil war afoot – and a lot of Democrats are pretty happy about it.

    They’re happy about it now. But, I don’t think that’s going to be the case when things go hot. And, I have a feeling that “if” (and yes, there’s a historic precedence for a response of IF. Nuts is another nice one word response) it goes hot due to the stealing of an election, it will not be nice.

    Many seem to think CW2 would be like CW1. They are wrong. I’m stealing this, but I agree it’ll be like Bosnia x Rowanda x 1000. Heads on pikes. Hung from streetlights. I pray it doesn’t come to that. But, I think people are scared of what they’ve seen (BLMTifa) and not of what they haven’t. They should be very scared of that box being opened.

  2. Who is the “we” in the “we ain’t playin’ with you?”
    The people who are so often in prison? The people who are least likely to own a legal firearm?
    The least educated, least wealthy people in America?

  3. I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating.

    Idiots like her are like the “brave” gun grabbers. They push these messages, knowing that they will not be the ones doing the confiscation. It will be over worked and low morale afflicted LEOs that will receive the blowback from fed up with government overreach bureaucrats.

  4. Max O: I think “we” is the apparatus of government that she thinks is going to go full 1984. Heck, Hong Kong dissidents are being bussed for re-education this week. No reason to thing Trump supporters won’t be.

    Regarding former prisoners, they likely understand violence better than many.
    Regarding legal firearms, I don’t think that’s going to matter if things kick off. How many “illegal” guns are out there that were 80% lowers? That maybe had a little addition made to allow it to go PEW PEW PEW with one trigger pull? Am reading Unintended Consequences by John Ross. I haven’t finished it yet, but thus far it’s been a great history of gun control in the USA.

  5. “You know how to do it; do it right”

    Oh, we will. We will.

    Evidently this 70 IQ representative isn’t aware of the lack of proficiency among her 70 IQ soldiers. 9 times out of 10, when they shoot they hit everyone but the people they’re shooting at.

    The BLM army calling themselves the “Not Fucking Around Crew” has had two of their members shot while parading with their ridiculous, KMart .22 cal AR’s and Tec9 knock offs…one shot himself, another shot the guy standing next to him in line.

    Things are not going to go down as that piece of garbage and her ilk think it will. Right now, there are more rounds of ammunition in the hands of private citizens than the US Army has. If people start shooting, our people are not going to stop until there are no more targets. So by all means lady, keep flapping those big, fat lips.

  6. The people who are so often in prison?

    Max, not sure if you had been living under a rock lately, but demoncRat goobernments are doing their best to make sure that particular element is on the street and not incarcerated.

    Here in Houston, felons released without, or on laughable ($2500) bond for serious offences, like murder(!) have killed more people than cops did. And this is in Houston! And DA is walking around making speeches that crime is under control.

  7. Gotta love it when the party of gun control decides it’s a good idea to threaten the party of gun ownership. She’s got plausible deniability, but the implications are clear. It also strikes me that by encouraging rather hateful attitudes by her constituency against half the voters in her state, she’s effectively reinforcing segregation. Bull Connor would be so proud of her.

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  9. JPA wrote:

    Max, not sure if you had been living under a rock lately, but demoncRat goobernments are doing their best to make sure that particular element is on the street and not incarcerated.

    But who are they committing crimes against? Do not fall into the trap of believing that these idiots have a workable plan. It is insanity, driven by all of the motivations normal people consider illegitimate: rage, envy, greed, and cowardice.
    We are talking about people who will swear that women can have a penis and that men can menstruate.

  10. Max, alas, fire will be indiscriminate for exact same reason and a lot of innocent bystanders will get hurt

  11. Obergrupenfuhrer Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, has excused C. Johnson “because she has been through a lot” (real quote!).
    I reckon the hillbillies arrested for threatening Whitmer have also “been through a lot.”

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