Wealthy Heir Syndrome

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Sarah Hoyt makes an interesting observation: the “mostly peaceful” rioters and looters are suffering from Wealthy Heir disease.

You know what she means.  She means the kid who got his trust fund money for his 18th birthday, bought a Camero, got drunk and wrapped it around a tree.  She means the kid whose parents paid his tuition, room and board so he could drink and whore his way through a degree.  She means the kid whose Daddy ran for Vice-President and can pull strings to have the charges dropped.

Not all of them, of course.  The “mostly peaceful” demonstrators handing clothes out of the smashed window at Sak’s Fifth Avenue didn’t look like trust fund kids.  The ones chasing a white kid down the street to beat him to death didn’t look like college students.  But the young lawyers arrested for burning a police car were hardly the downtrodden oppressed masses yearning to be free.  They’re supposedly the cream-of-the-crop.  They’re oppressors-in-training.  By historical standards, they’re unimaginably wealthy already – only jealousy and greed motivates them to demand more.

Rioters.  Looters.  Ingrates.  Antifa.  Liberals.  Democrats.

Almost makes a guy reconsider that wealth tax we’ve been hearing so much about.

Joe Doakes

This is, of course, a part of Urban Progressive Privilege.

1 thought on “Wealthy Heir Syndrome

  1. Kinda like rich, white trust funders like Markie Dayton and Dean Phillips, who used their positions to enrich themselves or family members. Yes, a couple of Republicans got caught doing this, too, but it’s overwhelmingly Democrats that do this, making them the REAL “party of the rich” and hypocritical.

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