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  1. Think about how much more effective Trump could have been over four years if we had a mute button.

  2. “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States of America.” ~ Joe Biden

    The only one-liner at the debate that mattered.

  3. “The only one-liner at the debate that mattered”

    Only if you have absolutely no capacity for critical thinking.

    You think President Hillary would have had a lower death toll? Given that the governors of NY, CT, NJ and MA are basically Clinton clones, policy wise?

  4. And just like that, our host indulges the blatant threadjack instead of relegating it into the dustbin where appropriate threads are languishing. For shame, Mitch!

  5. $15? That’s $30,000 a year IF you can get full time work – who can live on that?

    What a cheap bastard.

    If raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do, why stop at $15? Why not make it $100 and we’ll all be rich? *

    * with apologies to William F. Buckley, from whom I stole the underlying quote. The demand was for $5 an hour when he first asked the question. It has never been satisfactorily answered.

  6. “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States of America.” ~ Joe Biden

    Come to think of it, what DO we say about Presidents whose Supreme Court picks keep Roe v. Wade on the books…? Just sayin’.

  7. @MBerg — don’t vote for Hillary

    Last night, Trump falsely claimed about the Coronavirus: “We are rounding the corner. It‘s going away.”

    The US just set a single-day record for the most new cases in a day.

    It’s easy to turn a corner when you going in circles…..

  8. When every one of the 320,000,000 Americans tests positive for Covid, but have no symptoms, then can we say we won?

  9. The idea that the chief executive of a country holds the most responsibility for good or bad outcomes in a pandemic is risible. As Mitch points out, the death tolls in NY, NJ and other blue states is awful, yet Cuomo struts around like God’s gift to mankind. Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin when it comes to being gasbags. But Trump has already accomplished more in 4 years than Biden has in 37.

  10. Emery conveniently forgets Biden calling Trump “xenophobic” for shutting down flights form China. I’m sure it was just an honest mistake…

  11. Fauci: “Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks. There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

  12. He’s more generous than Hillary.

    “I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America.”

    At least Biden is willing to acknowledge there’s a cost to the mandate.

  13. I saw this morning that the Red Star is promoting “a study” that says we all need to wear masks if we want to avoid the deaths of millions.

  14. We’re at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. When we arrived, we were notified that everyone had to wear a mask to get in. WTF?

    I was pissed off, to put it mildly, and was completely prepared to leave until the guy said “just hook it over one ear; the city said we had to pass these out, but there are no mandates on how it must be worn” Well OK then.

    Seen them worn one ear style (my fav), under the chin, as a hat (quite fetching tbh), under the nose, as a sweat band, and a few covering all breathing holes.

    As we strolled around, inspecting the inventory with the help of an ice cold, adult beverage, a man and his wife passed by, wheezing through their carefully positioned designer cloth masks, and it suddenly occurred to me…Masks are 21st century yellow stars for idiots and reprobates, and they cheerfully volunteer to wear them!

    Now I LOVE masks! 😍

    btw, I bet Cheese whiz troll has a “vote” mask…am I right?

  15. Someone from Red State noticed this tho’ too:
    Has any super science expert been made to explain why we are seeing our highest daily cases so far while simultaneously never being more masked up? Or are we just going to keep pretending the rest of the world isn’t also showing little correlation between masks and infections?

    It’s worthwhile to understand the difference between “a study” (aka Science) and someone spouting off on the internet.

  16. Take out the blindfold and appreciate the “American Carnage” Trump is presiding over.

    83,000. Record number of coronavirus cases in US one week before elections. Horrible indictment of domestic mismanagement. Could not be worse timing for Trump.

  17. Biden: “I’ll raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but have the government bail out all the businesses that can’t afford it”.

    Also Biden: “Don’t you DARE call me a socialist”.

    Can someone, ANYONE, point to where this thread is about masks? Mitch?

  18. The fact is, there is no need for “debate”, the federal minimum wage has a factual history going back to the 1930’s when it was first implemented. It has been increased nationally numerous times, and business pundits predicted economic collapse every time, which naturally did not occur at any time.

    Opponent are still using tired old Depression-era arguments that were not true then, nor have they ever been true since.

  19. If the minimum wage creeps up slowly, businesses have time to raise prices slowly, and consumers have a chance to adjust their purchasing trends slowly. It’s a form of mild inflation and everybody adapts to it. Nobody is going to leave the drive-through because the price of a Happy Meal went up twenty cents.

    If the minimum wage jumps suddenly and dramatically, businesses can’t pass along the cost because consumers won’t pay it. Nobody is going to stay in the drive-through if the price of a Happy Meal goes up nine dollars.

    So it’s all about incrementalism, and time lapse. Fight for Fifteen is catchy but too much of a jump. The Minimum Wage in Minnesota is $10/hour for large employers, $8/hour for small employers. Doubling the wage cost will kill small employers. Raising the cost of entry-level workers by a third will make it tougher for large employers to justify hiring low-skilled workers – typically young people and often persons of color – so those jobs will be eliminated or automated.

    Fight for Fifteen is a jobs killer. Women and Minorities Hardest Hit. Biden supports it.

  20. Covid is the most important story before the election.

    Covid is the most important story after the election.

  21. The minimum wage article is related to the Covid mess only insofar as the nursing homes are mostly staffed by low-wage help and the Governor says they’re the ones infecting patients. But would raising the pay to $15 an hour help? I submit not, for two reasons.

    First, hardly anybody in the nursing home/long term care facility pays their own way. Medicare pays it, and they have price caps on reimbursement. The nursing home manager can’t buy cheaper power, or pay lower taxes, so they hire cheaper help. Raising the minimum wage will force nursing homes to cut staff.

    Second, hardly anybydo wants to wipe old people’s butts, not for $8 or $10 or $15. And not on a part-time/no benefits basis (thanks, Joe Biden, for making health insurance unaffordable). Nursing homes are stuck with Mexicans and Somalis because they’re willing to do the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do for the price the nursing home can afford to pay under the Medicare caps.

    Low-skill, low-wage nursing home workers are killing our grandparents, not President Trump. And Joe Biden’s proposed solution of higher minimum wage will actually make the problem worse. Typical for Democrats.

  22. It’s a great policy:
    – Boosts inflation when central banks are struggling with low inflation
    – Reduces wage inequality, so making people happier
    – Reduces government spending on benefits for low-paid workers
    – Only really affects firms in non-traded service industries, so no impact on international competitiveness
    – Encourages firms to boost productivity

  23. Why is Emery defending socialists? Socialists have murdered a few hundred million people in the last century.
    Not figuratively murdered. Not indirectly murdered. Literally murdered. They had meetings where they said “Let’s kill these people. Their lives mean nothing, and they stand between us and our goals.”

  24. As far as Emery blathering about a covid “second wave,” the Swedes — who never locked down or had a mask mandate — are experiencing a covid death rate so low it is in the statistical noise.
    Let’s have a good, healthy, democratic debate on government mandates related to covid-19. We are still a democracy, aren’t we?
    Florida has been wide open since September 27th. No increase in positive cases per day, no increase in hospitalizations, and a dramatic drop in deaths.
    This can’t be explained by the covid fear-mongerers, so it is ignored.
    If FL had experienced an uptick in cases, hospitalizations, or deaths, it would be the top of the news stories. Instead we get . . . silence.

  25. There is a misconception that Public Health failed.

    The truth is that political leaders failed to follow Public Health guidance. And that’s what caused avoidable disease, death and economic destruction.

    Politicians are the problem. We have to believe in the scientists. And we have politicians who don’t believe in science. America is lagging behind almost every country our response and you have to blame the management.

  26. If public health didn’t fail to a degree, please explain Dr. Fauci commending Governor Cuomo for his “send ’em to the nursing homes” plan.

    Come on, Emery, that one cost thousands of lives in New York, thousands more elsewhere. If public health means anything, that means they’ve got to reprove those in power when they **** up royally.

  27. Our resident epidemiologist and Constitutional scholar weighs in on economics:

    “It’s a great policy:
    – Boosts inflation when central banks are struggling with low inflation

    [Inflation is theft. Money is a store of value, inflation steals value from our stored value]

    – Reduces wage inequality, so making people happier

    [Only jealous people, and only for a short time. Smart people get promoted. Public policy should not be based on jealousy]

    – Reduces government spending on benefits for low-paid workers

    [True only in the sense that low-wage workers get laid off and are no longer “workers” when the government is forced to increase spending for unemployment and welfare]

    – Only really affects firms in non-traded service industries, so no impact on international competitiveness

    [Drive down Main Street, identify the businesses that will be exempt from the law. The drug store? Hardware store? Feed store? Liquor store? Car dealer? No. They’ll all get hammered.]

    – Encourages firms to boost productivity”

    [Correct. By laying off low-wage workers, particularly women and minorities.]

    You can tell Emery and his alter ego Emery Incognito have drunk deeply of the union Kool-Aid. They’d rather have one man working for a fair wage than have 99 men working for a dollar-an-hour less. For them, it’s all about setting the scale; it’s never about who actually gets paid union scale. That’s the selfish attitude that killed the Iron Range.

  28. You are pretending to have certainty that just doesn’t exist.

    Living in the past JD.
    The range has been dying for 20 years. People have moved away, and populations have dropped significantly. The 1970s aren’t coming back. Even if a new copper/nickel mine opens, it will only employ 300 people for 20 years. That is hardly a saver.

  29. You’re living in a Utopian fantasy, EI. There is NO example of ANY society ordering a higher labor cost on employers that did not result in lower employment of the marginal workers. Minimum wage, graft, kick-backs, taxes, Obama-care, they all sound like great ideas but they all have the same effect downstream.

    You are actively seeking to throw young people, women and minorities out of work in service of a slogan. This is what an actual economist – Thomas Sowell – calls replacing things that work with things that sound good.

  30. Republicans up on the ‘Range’ were never the ones that made the mines the good paying jobs they were. That was the Democrats and Steelworkers Union. Also Governor Dayton, Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith, Governor Tim Waltz, Paul Wellstone, Hubert Humphrey, Rudy Perpich, Jim Oberstar. All had a hand in the good times of northern Minnesota.

  31. Unions killed The Range, and Big Steel, and the American auto industry.

    When it became cheaper to mine iron ore in Minnesota, ship it to Japan to be made into steel and then shaped into cars which were shipped back to Minnesota and STILL sold for less than GM products – it was union greed to blame for the lost jobs.

    The minimum wage is another job killer.

  32. Regarding the notions that Republicans aren’t the ones who helped make the Iron Range what it once was; looking at a list of Minnesota governors, they were Democrats during the Depression, but during the good years in WWII through 1955, they were Republican.

    Just sayin’.

    The next long stretch of DFL rule was during the 1970s, which was a pretty dismal time for steelmaking. I grew up in NW Indiana and vividly remember friends with their dads out of work as Japanese steel worked its way through our country.

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