Our Cuturally-Illiterate Elite

I may owe Ryan Winkler an apology.

I mean, growing up in rural North Dakota back when only Al Gore had access to the Internet, even I knew what “uncle Tom” meant when applied to a black man – so naturally I figured someone in his position, Harvard grad and all, would as well. Clearly, so did many others.

And although I’m an Anglo from the northern Plains, I’ve known what a Coyote – a slang term for a human trafficker who brings people across the border, either as illegal immigrants, sex slaves or mules – was for quite a while now.

But apparently a Harvard education does one no better in this context:

Y’know what’s “sickening”? Having a bunch of people whose opinion is considered above the rest of the world by dint of being a “blue check”, who are given to lecturing the deporables about their cultural illiteracy, who are themselves so culturally illiterate:

Just remember that when Blue America starts talking about getting rid of the electoral college.

10 thoughts on “Our Cuturally-Illiterate Elite

  1. The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.

    Obama adviser, Ben Rhodes

  2. I was going to cut Hogg some slack, him being an obvious “gun control affirmative action admission” by Hahvid, as he failed to get into UCLA with his ACT scores, but then the rest….my goodness, you would think that the self-proclaimed party for smart people would, say, read the freakin’ papers and learn a bit from time to time.

    Bonus points would be to look into why illegal immigrants call them “coyotes”. It is, yes, because they know the way across the desert like the canine, but it is also because a huge portion of them are predators–not in killing wildlife, but in terms of sexual assault of the women (and I’d guess men/boys/girls too) in their care.

    Of course, if the “party of smart people” learned about the nomenclature, they would then have to reconsider their other self-proclaimed moniker of “party of compassion.” At least I would hope they would realize that exposing hundreds of thousands of women and girls to rape is not compassionate in the least.

  3. Why would a human trafficker bring little girls and boys across the border? Gee, let me think. Can anybody say “Epstein?”

  4. Why would a human trafficker bring little girls and boys across the border? Gee, let me think. Can anybody say “Epstein?”

    Wait, I can Ghislaine….

  5. We now know that Emery’s real name is “Jordan”. In his listed tweet, he automatically attributed the statement to President Trump.

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  7. Not to mention the whole “families” versus “Singles” difference in the way illegal immigrants are treated if they get caught. A man who shows up with a little girl and claims he’s her father is entitled to better benefits than a man who shows up alone.

    And if he doesn’t get caught, he can sell the child to a sex slave ring before heading back for another load of cocaine.

    What? You think smugglers specialize? Like they’re in a union – sorry – I can’t take weed or a kid, I’m in the Cocaine Smuggling union.

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