It’s Your Fault, Peasants

Jeffrey Toobin – caught on his own camera doing some, er, internal polling earlier this week – doesn’t have the problem.

All of you who are complaining that he was seen, non-social distancing, during a work meeting – you are the ones with the problems!

And that’s also what everyone is going to remember about Jeffrey Toobin, I’m afraid. But that says more about us than it does about him.

According to a 2016 survey, 95% of men and 81% of women in America have masturbated. Yet in the same poll, over half of respondents said they felt uncomfortable talking about it.

So we joke about it, instead, which relieves our anxieties but reinforces the taboo. Witness the outpouring of juvenile humor over the past two days about “Toobin his own horn,” his “sticky situation,” and so on.

Well, there was the little matter that he was “going on his third date with Rachel Maddow” or “universal gun registration” or “nationwide mask mandates” [or whomever it is that “progressive” guys think about while in flagrante solo] during a work meeting. On camera. A nation full of people who’ve been stuck on Teams or Zoom meetings (if we’re lucky) for seven months and joking about people not wearing pants “to work” are suddenly seeing how our self-appointed “elites” spend their time.

So of course you’re the one with the problem.

11 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault, Peasants

  1. It should be no surprise that Jeffrey Toobin got caught on camera doing the real thing because the guy has been verbally masturbating on camera for years.

  2. Distinctions, it’s all about the ability draw meaningful distinctions. William F. Buckley illustrated the problem:

    A little old lady is standing on the curb. One man pushes her into the path of an oncoming bus. A second man, seeing it, dashes into the street to push her to safety, sacrificing his own life. A Conservative would say the first man is a villain and the second man a hero. A Liberal would say they’re the same – both are men pushing around a woman.

  3. Going back a few years, wasn’t one of the sexual assaults that Harvey Weinstein allegedly committed rubbing one out in front of others? That was bad then, but it isn’t now?

    Over my life I’ve lived in dorms, barracks, squad bays, and tents with up to 100 people. It’s common courtesy – don’t visibly wank. 19 year old cooks can figure it out, why can’t a grown man with a law degree?

  4. Speaking of placing blame…

    I see the trucker that stumbled into a group of filthy leftists Minnesota citizens that were excersizing their right to halt interstate commerce in the pursuit of destroying capitalism has been charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes, for which he is very likely going to lose his freedom and treasure. As I understand it, he also got the snot beaten out of him by the outraged citizens before the cops hauled him to jail.

    And he has no one but himself to blame.

    It’s a hard lesson our parents tried to teach us the easy way; but many of us didn’t listen. If you don’t use drugs recreationally, you have no need to travel to dangerous areas to meet with violent criminals and are much less likely to be found laying in a filthy alley riddled with bullets.

    If you do not drink in bars in areas where black gangs work and play, you are much less likely to get robbed, beaten or fall to stray bullets meant for gang rivals. The sound of rap music in the air should be warning enough, much less wafting out of the night club you are thinking of entering. The fact is, smart people leave immediately when they find themselves in the company of large groups of blacks, anywhere, for any reason.

    If you do not enter the city limits of municipalities, or counties under the control of leftist reprobates, and populated with lawless degenerates, you will not find yourself subject to their whims. Sanity, the rule of law and the protection of the Constitution do not exist in such places; you enter at your own peril.

    I understand this fellow was traveling through on work related business, and that provides a valid reason to be in the area, but maybe it is time for employers to shoulder the burden of completely indemnifying employees required to put their safety and security in danger.

    Hazard pay, legal representation (for what good it will do), and insurance against loss of wages while in the custody of reprobates, fines, fees or encumbrances levied while in the pursuit of the employers business needs to become standard.

    As for the trucker, well he is pretty well fouked. I hope he does not lose his house.

  5. A group of Minneapolis residents is suing the City Council for failing to provide an appropriate number of law enforcement officers per the City Charter, saying the city’s failure to do so is making their lives “unlivable.”

    The complaint alleges that Mayor Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis City Council’s ideologically based push to “defund” and “disband” the city’s police department has resulted in their neighborhoods becoming more dangerous.

    The eight plaintiffs live on Minneapolis’s North Side. This part of the city typically suffers from a higher instance of violent crime compared to other parts of the city. The plaintiffs say the city council’s actions are aggravating that reality.

    “Every single night on any block in this neighborhood you can hear gunshots!” Cathy Spann, a North Side resident, told reporters. “Every single freaking night!”

    Attorney James Dickey, who is representing the residents, said the city charter mandates a minimum of 753 officers to protect residents. The city, he said, is refusing to document how many officers are actually on the street.

    The city attorney’s office argued the lawsuit has no standing because none of the plaintiffs have been hit by gunfire.

    Minneapolis’ city leaders represent the majority of the people that live there. They are carrying out their duties as they said they would during their campaigns. No one is forcing the minority who do not approve to live in Minneapolis. They are reaping the consequences of their own decisions.

  6. 19 year old cooks can figure it out, why can’t a grown man with a law degree?
    I have worked in male dominated workplaces all of my life. Men outnumbered women by at least 10:1.
    There was a bit of fooling around, I am sure, but the behavior of Weinstein, Louis CK, Lauer, etc., is shocking to me. Men who expose themselves to women or demand sexual favors in return for a promotion is abhorrent. It is disgusting, like the corner pervert who exposes himself to school girls. Ugh.
    But Toobin will be back on the air, soon, lecturing his fellow Americans on their moral failings.

  7. Max – I’ve got to guess the cause of behavior is two-fold.

    First is being in a position with power, and people that want that power. You want a promotion/the part? You know what to do… And, maybe the guy got snubbed by the girls growing up, so this is how he justifies it.

    Secondly is lack of consequences. Not just legal or workplace (those do exist in most industries), but of getting the crap beat out of you. Used to be the law might not do something about you, but a brother/dad/uncle/boyfriend/husband may bust your nose or your knee.

    The second point ties into a common conclusion I have to many of today’s societal issues, and that is that not enough people have been punched in the face and the lesson I’ve taken from a few face punches – don’t do that behavior anymore. There’d be a lot less shrieking protesters.

  8. Regarding the trucker….it took the MPD or State Patrol six months to figure out the stopping distance of a partially laden semi on a clear day? Seriously? This sounds like something out of Monty Python! The very wait on such a simple case suggests a political finger on the scales.

    As Mr. Tubin’ his tube steak would tell you, apparently there are different rules for different people.

  9. If I were said truck driver, who is apparently, a disadvantaged immigrant from a third world country, just wanting a better life, I would be calling the best ambulance chaser in the country to sue the rat beestards that beat me up. Those miscreants were on the freeway illegally anyway and nothing says I’m wise to the American system like a good lawsuit.

  10. Q: Why did Jeffrey Toobin expose himself during a Zoom meeting?
    A: He thought it was a date!

  11. I have worked in male dominated workplaces all of my life. Men outnumbered women by at least 10:1.
    There was a bit of fooling around, I am sure, but the behavior of Weinstein, Louis CK, Lauer, etc., is shocking to me


    Pinups on the walls!

    Dirty jokes!

    Feminists around the world are clutching their pearls and getting vapors at the very mention of these things.

    Among them are the very feminists who nod, wink and giggle at the behavior of Weinstein, Louis CK, Lauer because that is where the progressive power and privilege reside.


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