Who’s got two thumbs, and is the only person in the world who can’t call Donald Trump’s Twitter feed “an ill-advised mass of ready/fire/aim malaprops?”

Why, that’d be Representative Ryan Winkler, if he were pointing two thumbs at himself:

50-90% of Covid patients are asymptomatic. For many others – myself included – it felt like the chest cold I get nearly every spring; if it weren’t for a strange rash on my hand, I wouldn’t have even gotten an antibody test, much less a serology test.

So – now Ryan Winkler is Covid-shaming. Seems he knows as much about epidemiology as he does black history.

This is today’s DFL.

5 thoughts on “Riddle

  1. Several weeks ago, I had to be tested in order to visit a family member in a care facility. Lo and behold, I have Chinese flu antibodies! I had absolutely no idea I’d ever had it; none.

    More surprising, my wife tested negative.

    Since we had no trace of the virus left, we were admitted for visitations.

    That said, I do encourage leftist reprobates to keep their sh*t hole states locked down tight until after the elections. And by all means start locking more people up for not wearing their little masks.

  2. It can’t be hidden any longer.
    Winkler is the voice of science in the Democrat party.

  3. I ‘spoze Winkler is an exemplar of the DFL’s love.
    Democrats aren’t against hate. It is a tool they use to achieve policy goals, all the back to the formation of the party in the 1820s. Like Orwell’s Mistry of Love, they want to license hate, not end it.

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