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Do I have this right? The pandemic has reduced commuter travel as employees and students work from home. The buses all say “essential travel only” and are not allowing the crowds they once had. Honestly, they probably don’t even have the crowds- fewer people are using the bus right now. I haven’t been on a bus lately, but I still get the texts about reduced service. Several times a day, buses aren’t running for all sorts of reasons.

Yet, despite all of this, Metro Transit employees were set to get a 2.5% raise and a $1500 bonus? The hospital where I work cancelled raises, eliminated CEU money, and cancelled the Holiday parties and meals because elective surgeries were cancelled for 2 months. Yet, these transit employees think their bonus and 2.5% raise are “crappy offers” and rejected the offer, voting for a strike?????

 I rarely use such language, but seriously, WTF is wrong with these people? I mean, look around- they ought to be happy with being employed, let alone a raise this year.

If Metro Transit struck now, who would know? 

Other than the people the DFL and their public employee union enablers want to keep miserable anyway? 

5 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Time and again, I hear the “people they want to keep miserable.” They are not worried that Trump pays less taxes than them. Most of them would be happy to have a stable job and pay taxes themselves, because that would mean they were earning something. These are the people that would certainly vote out some of the more extreme liberals locally. But, they’re also the people that I never see at the polling place. They understand the local Democrats role in their neighborhoods being burnt down, but I will be surprised if even that brings them out to vote.

  2. Expert city planners say that the future is hi density housing and mass transit!
    Not sure if our meritocracy is better at producing idiots or people who hate humanity.

  3. Max – the experts need high density housing and mass transit to ultimately make it easier to stack all the bodies in the refrigerated warehouse Walz bought.

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