The Phantom Boogeyman

Salem had “witches”.

The far right and far left in Europe from the middle ages through the 1940s (and beyond) had “Jews”.

Jordan, Minnesota had “satanists“.

And Governor Klink and Mayor McDreamy had “white supremacists”.

It seems like such a long time ago that Big Left started predicting an imminent wave of “right wing white supremacist terrorism“.

And, like OJ, they are still looking:

This notion – that Big Left has been getting ready to launch a violent war against dissent, while blaming mostly-phantom “right wingers” – is where Berg’s Seventh Law ceases to be funny.

10 thoughts on “The Phantom Boogeyman

  1. Where are the Charlottesville tiki torch guys? They must have been here, because Joe Biden has them in his ads.

  2. White man who has publicly expressed racist ideas later gets into bar fight and injures someone. This gets classified as white supremacist violence.

  3. To paraphrase the Professor: the dark night of white supremacist violence is always about to fall on America, but when it lands its always left wing fascists.

  4. jdm: I don’t usually read patsyboy’s comments, but I followed your link and read just a sentence. That man is ill.

  5. kinlaw: great paraphrase. As for p-boy. the Joe Doakes comment below it (September 10, 2020 at 5:17 pm) was a pretty astute response.

  6. Man, did Sailer describe this summer well, Riots? What Riots?
    In reality, there was almost negligible rightist opposition for the first three months of rioting. The basic pattern has been the same all summer:
    – A black criminal, such as George Floyd in Minneapolis, Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, or Jacob Blake in Kenosha, resists arrests and thereby comes to grief at the hands of the police.
    – Local black youths begin to joyously loot neighborhood stores.
    – The next night, white Antifa arrive and break glass, set fires, and attack the police.
    – Gangs launch expeditions against expensive stores in white neighborhoods.

    He also backs up the point of this post: One thing that is clear is that Democrats’ conspiracy theories about white supremacist outside agitators have failed to pan out despite three months’ opportunity to prove their case.

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