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  1. How about we remove the District of Columbia from the US?
    The federal government has clearly failed and become a corrupt institution, ignoring the will of the people of the United States, serving only bureaucrats, politicians, and lawyers. It has failed people on the Left and the Right, again and again.
    Also it is named after Columbus.

  2. A District of Columbia panel has identified Ben Franklin as a “person of concern” and recommended his name be removed from D.C. property

    It is obvious why.

    He wore glasses.

    The Khmer Rouge went after people who wore glasses too.

  3. First they went after Confederate generals. I’ve never been a fan of any of them, and the Lost Cause BS was a cover for the “Resistance “ of the time. But there’s something to be said about remembering the past. So we don’t repeat it.

  4. Actually, they are also considering removing the Washington monument and Jefferson memorial. And it seems just yesterday they were all atwitter about sTrumpet when he said that cancel culture will not stop at confederate monuments.

  5. Of course, unlike other cities and state capitols, D.C. belongs to the whole country, not just the residents in the District (90% of whom likely make their income off the rest of the country directly or indirectly). These aren’t THEIR monuments, they are the nation’s.

  6. OK, we can “cancel” Franklin due to his temporary ownership of two slaves. Now, can we “cancel” Communism because at one point in the 20th century, they’d enslaved two thirds of the world’s population, killing well over 100 million of them outright?

    On a personal soapbox of mine, I dare suggest that this is a great place for Christians to re-introduce the concept of “repentance” and that someone does not need to be sinless to be respected.

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