The Line That Needs To Be Drawn In The Sand. Stat.

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Republicans agreed to police reform bills in the second special session.  This is a mistake.

There should be NO legislative action, on ANY proposal, until Dictator Walz relinquishes his totalitarian control over the entire state back to the peoples’ elected representatives in the legislature.

Otherwise, it never ends.  Ever.  And in that case, why do we need the Legislature at all?

Joe Doakes

Couldn’t agree more.

Not one bill.

And if the GOP caves on the bonding bill – or any bill while the emergency is in effect – I’m going to have to reconsider why I vote GOP at all.

5 thoughts on “The Line That Needs To Be Drawn In The Sand. Stat.

  1. I still have a tremendous problem with that stance. Are you going to abandon a [Republican] candidate because they forsake your wishes 5% of the time, or allow a Democrat to come to power whom we can GUARANTEE will violate your wishes 95% of the time. I’ve done the math, and the WORST Republican is better than the BEST DFLer. At least you have the opportunity to influence your Republican legislator; DFLers don’t listen to anybody.

  2. There are still ‘pubs left in MN legislature? And with clout yet? Who knew!

  3. J. Ewing, I respectfully disagree.

    Governor Walz has issued executive orders outlawing the free exercise of religion, restricting the right of travel, prohibiting lawful assemblies, and taking away so many people’s jobs and businesses that we now have a labor force participation rate unseen since Jimmy Carter was in office.

    The basis for these orders was the computer model predicting 75,000 Minnesotans, of all ages from 6 weeks to 91 years, would die of Covid in a massive surge that would strike in July. July has come and gone and it’s now evident the model is wrong. There is no general state-wide disaster. There is no medical or scientific basis for continuing the orders.

    The orders are unconstitutional and everybody knows it, but the courts are packed with liberal judges appointed by liberal governors and won’t bite the hand that feeds them. See, for proof, Governor Dayton trying to eliminate the legislature by line-item veto, upheld by the court.

    If the Republicans in the House won’t stand up to the Governor to take back power over our lives now; if they’re willing to concede absolute power to the Governor for as long as he wants it; then what’s the point in having Republicans in the House, 5% of the time, 95% of the time, or at any time?

  4. I know that I can at least say, “Vote All the Bums Out!!” While still voting a straight Republican ticket. I can safely guarantee that everyone that I vote for Will Not vote to continue Walz’s emergency powers, even if that’s only because the candidates that I’ll vote for will not win in November.

  5. My take on the bonding bill is that a state that’s had relatively stable population for the past century–average annual population growth of 1-2% a year–shouldn’t be having bonding bills no matter what. We should have learned to pay our bills as we go along, and then we would have no need to pay interest.

    Reason we don’t do this; because too many government types get “time value of money” backwards and assume it’s cheaper to spend it now and borrow than it is to save and pay cash later. I’ve had a school board member tell me precisely that.

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