Seattle: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Seattle cops, barred the use of tear gas and other non-lethal force, are telling businesses “sorry – you’re on your own”.

Given that “keeping order” – making a city a safe place for law-abiding taxpayers to be – is one of local government’s most unambiguously legitimate missions, this should really wake all but the most deluded Seattleoids up.  

I said ‘should”. 

10 thoughts on “Seattle: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

  1. “should”


    Woke is a religion (you might even tell by it’s name). By definition, religion is irrational, therefore all rational motivations, like protecting commerce and community, fly out the window.

    The only thing that is important is that one appears to be “woke enough”, least they be shamed….. and oh yeah, fighting white supremacy too.

  2. First thing that came to mind is that with politicians like this, sovereign immunity is a doctrine that should have no place. Second thought is that the city council should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

  3. Same people that want to defund the police are the same people who believe I don’t have the right to defend myself with a firearm.

    Go figure.

    Hey, Seattle property owners! Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

  4. Just heard that homes for sale in the Seattle area, jumped 13.9%. Some people are waking up.

  5. boss, they are not waking up. They are moving to other parts of the country to spread their progressivism. You see, it did not work in Seattle as they planned, but by golly, it will work in Oklahoma! Seattle and Portlandia are soon to become ghost towns and antifa will move on to the next target. Because they need to terrorize people, not empty buildings.

  6. Pure, unrestrained Liberty is just anarchy. Avoidance of anarchy requires Order to constrain excess and harmful Liberty. Without Order, there is no Civilization.

    Yes, it’s debatable where, exactly, to draw the line, a topic which formerly was the domain of sophomore bull sessions for government majors, now being played out in real time in the streets of Seattle.

    Hey kids, save yourselves $50,000 a year in college tuition. Watch CNN instead. Do you get it, now?

  7. Hey, speaking of the spark that set all this off and harking back to the trifecta from billion threads ago. Imagine the outrageTM when everyone walks on charges filed by that giant of jurisprudence, Hakim.

    Second Former Minneapolis Police Officer Pushes For Dropped Charges In Floyd Case, Citing No Probable Cause

  8. Hey kids, save yourselves $50,000 a year in college tuition.

    Kids don’t care for saving that 50k. It’s their parent’s money. Knowing what we know now, I doubt we would have sent our oldest to Madison.

  9. Working class kids think that college is about getting an education.
    The children of the bourgeois know that college is a means of showing and gaining status.
    Since the bourgeois kids’ parents pay the bills, colleges are trying to figure out how to keep the value of their brand during covid-19. They don’t care about the quality of education any more than the board of Coca-cola cares about the taste of coke.

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