Endless Emergency

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Governor Walz extended the Peacetime Emergency for another thirty days by Executive Order 20-78.  This extension ends August 12, 2020, after which it can be renewed again.

The justification for the extension is the increasing number of Covid cases in Minnesota. “On May 12, 2020, Minnesota had over 12,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with over 1,700 hospitalizations and over 600 fatalities. Minnesota has now had over 42,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with over 4,300 hospitalizations and over 1,500 fatalities.”

The Governor notes his authority ends if both houses of the Legislature over-ride it and he’s called a Second Special Session for them to consider it, but if they don’t over-ride him, then he’ll have the power to continue extending indefinitely, 30 days at a time.  

The Order says his acts have been science-based but does not mention that the total number of fatalities (1,500) is a tiny fraction of the projected number under the most strict scenario, the one we’re following (50,000).  There is no explanation why the science failed so badly, or why neighboring states with no restrictions have results equal to or better than Minnesota’s results.

The Order notes the virus is spreading in Minnesota and other states, but does not note the difference between “cases” and “serious cases” or “fatalities. Using the Governor’s figures, 90% of the “cases” are asymptomatic or have symptoms so trivial they didn’t require medical attention, much less ICU beds, ventilators or an $8 million refrigerated warehouse to store the corpses just North of the Capitol (the former Bix Foods building, which cost $7 to purchase but it was available for purchase because the state gave them a grant to move to Little Canada). 

The Order does not state victory conditions or cite scientific authority for any of the current or future restrictions.  Expect a state-wide mask order soon. 

Joe Doakes

It’s not an emergency. It’s an opportunity.

25 thoughts on “Endless Emergency

  1. Walz’s attitude towards covid (as well as that of several other governors), has become “zero tolerance.”
    You cannot eradicate the disease. It was not all that long ago, just four months, when this was common knowledge, acknowledged by everyone who mattered. The goal of the shut downs and social controls was “fifteen days to flatten the curve.” Note the time limit implied by the goal. That is now absent. Now we are supposed to endure economic chaos and assaults on civil liberty to “beat the disease.”
    Imagine what the world would look like if politicians claimed the power to act extra-constitutionally to end traffic deaths.
    This is a public policy issue. It needs to be addressed politically, with people debate. We will have more social unrest if this is not done.

  2. His emergency powers should be extended to mid September, as that would make it 6 months, the traditional term of office for a dictator in the Roman Republic.

  3. “ Expect a state-wide mask order soon.“

    Well, that’s quite a coincidence.

    Last night, the council of our little burg met to discuss a maskie ordinance. I’m not sure which member brought it up, and they didn’t identify the perp, but, as I will explain, it was obvious.

    Anyway, 20 people showed up for the meeting; unheard of turnout. 19 (including yours truly) came to tell the council why, based upon the facts we know for a certainty, it’s a stupid idea.

    1 (masked) twat came armed to the teeth with virtue and judgement to support it.

    One council member (happens to be the sole Negro Democrat) sat through the meeting with a bandanna tied around his mouth…but under his nose. It was a pleasure to make note of it (with all due respect) during my time.

    There will be no maskies here.

  4. Hawaii instituted a 14 day quarantine for incoming arrivals back in March, applicable to all travelers, tourists and returning locals alike.
    Back in May, the governor announced that due to the low impact of covid-19 on the state, the quarantine requirement would be lifted on July 31st. Out of state arrivals would have to show evidence of a negative covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of embarking on their flight.
    Yesterday the governor announced that the quarantine would be extended until August 31st. This was, he said, due to an increased covid-19 caseload in June-July.
    In fact the case load increased only modestly, hospitalizations are flat, and a total of three deaths have been recorded since April, all of very old people with multiple underlying conditions. In fact, if you read between the lines, the recent deaths were caused when the victims contracted covid-19 while being hospitalized for non-covid related existing conditions.
    Imagine you took Governor Ige of Hawaii at his word & booked a flight to Hawaii for August (a lot of Arizonans & Californians travel to Hawaii in August). You now have to cancel because aspect of sending two weeks in Hawaii, under literal house arrest, before you can begin your vacation is daunting. Can’t reschedule for September — the kids are back in school.
    The airlines, too, have seen all those bookings for August flights Honolulu evaporate.
    All of this to satisfy an urge to quarantine the healthy. The covid-19 tests have a high number of false negatives (and positives). This is so stupid that there isn’t even a word in the English language for how stupid it is. A check on the governors’ power by the media or by the people would end this nonsense in a heartbeat, it literally cannot be defended. See, for example, how easily Emery’s lame attempts to justify endless tyranny to “beat the virus” are swatted away.

  5. chopper;
    Present company excepted, but Hawaii is reaping what they have sown. No one that I know, even lock step marching DemocRATs would want to spend the money to go to Hawaii, only to see the inside of the same hotel for 14 days. That hotel will profit, because they have a captive, but that’s all. You can speak to it better than I can, but I’ve gotta think that even the most die hard non-government employed lefty on those islands, have to be waking up. I’m probably very wrong on that thought.

  6. Not the inside of the same hotel, bosshoss, the inside of the same hotel room. You are not allowed to leave the room, the hotel will not supply food service or cleaning service. And they will turn you in if you break quarantine.
    About a dozen or so people have been arrested for breaking quarantine in the past few months. None of them tested positive for covid-19. All elected to be sent home rather than pay the fine/ do jail time.
    This is permanently damaging Hawaii’s visitor industry. In the future, when people think about booking that Hawaii vacation, they will do so knowing that Hawaii is extremely aggressive at imposing quarantine on the healthy.
    There are other, friendlier, and cheaper places in the tropics to vacation.

  7. jpa, I actually explained the connection between Sciencism(tm) and the maskie farce to the city council last night, juxtaposing the few verifiable facts we have with the papspew coming from the left. I think it made an impression.

  8. MP, the wife and I had a trip planned to Taiwan for later this month. We had planned to stop in Hawaii to visit my friends as a part of the trip.

    They are going to come visit us, instead.

  9. taken within 72 hours of embarking on their flight.

    I have quite a few friends who had to take the test, and not one result was available in less than 5 days. This includes my Dr. friends. Oh, and not one result was positive.

    OK, I just checked and one Dr. will get his tests back within 2 days. But this is done at one of our major medical centers as a precondition for him being admitted for radiation treatment.

    In other words, if you want to have a reliable test, you’d be hard-pressed to get it back within 72 hours. But if you want to take a chance with the made-in-China super duper immediate result test AND spend 2 weeks being a prisoner in Hawaii, there are plenty of eTASS ilk around to think it is a wonderful idea.

  10. swiftee, as long as you will be sequestered on the plane for umpteen hours, download and read up on a curious case of “confirmed” vs “probable” Wuhan flu definition issued by CDC back in April and adherence thereto of various states.

    If anyone ever questioned the validity of SCIENCEtm, this is proof positive it has none. But of course, expertsTM will vehemently disagree.

  11. The Trumpster Fire that is our catastrophically inept response to the pandemic has caused both Mexico and Canada to close their border with the US (which notably has an impact here in MN as one of the more commonly used crossing points is just south of Thunder Bay, ON). I guess Canada is too stupid to know we aren’t really infected, if only we stopped testing we wouldn’t have anyone sick and then I’m sure they wouldn’t extend their restriction.

    I heard recently that Canada is building a wall and is going to get Mexico to pay for it. Maybe they’ll be successful where we failed.

    I’m so tired of winning.

  12. Yes, paddywhacker, the inept response of the WHO’s Chinese puppet and left wing puppet, Dr. Quack Fauci, telling the public on the lame stream media channels that this virus was nothing to worry about and no, you don’t need masks, because they don’t really help. Then, oh wait! Wear a mask. If masks actually worked, moronic governors like Newsom, wouldn’t be releasing criminal prisoners, they would just give them masks.

    Sorry dude, but your missive falls way short, especially when hundreds of PRACTICING medical professionals and scientists, not gubmint bureaucrats and armchair doctors like you, have criticized the lock downs, the mask lies, the benefits of hydroxichloroquine therapy and the fact that they have no hesitation about sending their kids back to school. So, just like your buddy Emery, keep your mask on and stay in your mommy’s basement so the big bad virus doesn’t get you.

  13. Polk County, Wisconsin, has nearly the same covid deaths per 100,000 as the state of Hawaii. This despite there being no lockdown in Polk County, businesses are all open, no masks required, and Highway 8 being a major traffic corridor. If Mad King Walz mandates mask use by healthy people in MN, Polk County will see an influx of people from Minnesota, but I bet the covid deaths rate does not increase.
    But what do I know? I am just an “amateur epidemiologist” who looks at numbers & facts. The professional epidemiologists seem to regard their fervent imaginations as a more reliable source than actual data.
    It’s almost like the media drones who routinely credit Hawaii’s low covid-19 death numbers as being due to its strict lockdown & quarantine are idiots.

  14. The Trumpster Fire that is our catastrophically inept response to the pandemic has caused both Mexico and Canada to close their border with the US

    So, by definition everyone trying to cross those borders is a criminal?

    Fucking sweet! I didn’t know about that, little Peevee. I had to verify it of course (because you’re known to be every bit as big a G-D liar as E. Dimwit), but there it is.

    Say; you think they’ll stay closed long enough to keep all those votes for the Democrat reprobates out? Thanks.


  15. As I layout an 800A MCC, I’m live streaming the hearing in the MN Senate into the response to the violence and looting in the TC, on Alpha News.

    First thing I noticed is that only 1 DFL reprobate Senator (Franzen) is attending the hearing…the rest are incapable of hearing the consequences of their feckless, incompetent leadership.

    As a critic of cops, I wasn’t moved by the stories of how ashamed they were to have been ordered to run away, but a female MPPOA rep’s sincere tears were pretty effective.

  16. The Republicans should offer a bill to amend the emergency law. The governor’s authority ends after days unless extended by a majority of both houses.

    No other business gets done until this passes. Shut down everything else. Seize power back.

  17. I, like many other citizens, was caught off guard by the response to the Covid pandemic. Recall that the H1N1 pandemic of 2009 passed by with barely a ripple on the pond. It killed 12,000 Americans, but unlike Covid, singled out a younger population. In Minnesota, the case fatality rate of Covid for people under 50 is 0.11%. And that is assuming the published case numbers are accurate. Which they are not. So we have a serious health condition that for the non-elderly is less severe than the 1918 Spanish Flu, the 1957 Asian flu and probably others. The media hype has been off the charts. Bodies in the streets. Overwhelmed hospitals. For the most part, nowhere near accurate or believable. Still, the frantic stories of impending doom persist. Speaking as one a month shy of 70 years, come at me, bro. Don’t wreck the world economy over this. It’s going to be hard enough for the snowflakes to pay my Social Security checks for the next 20 years I intend to remain on this planet.

  18. If it is as generally deadly as thought, then it should be ripping through the homeless encampments all across the country. People there aren’t social distancing, likely aren’t washing their hands several times a day, and probably aren’t especially healthy to begin with. The bodies would be stacking like cordwood.

    But that’s not happening. If it were, it would be receiving endless TV coverage, with blame all laid on Trump. I can’t believe the media is missing this opportunity.

  19. Night Writer, I can imagine several scenarios that would produce the odd spattering of hot spots for infection, that under some circumstances lead to the death of overwhelmingly very old, very sick people, and leave many areas untouched.
    But the media and their political party is dedicated to pushing the narrative that covid-19 is death sentence, and that it can strike anyone, anywhere, especially if you are in a state governed by the GOP (all actual evidence to the contrary).

  20. Thanks, for the info MP.

    Forgot that it was you that lived in Hawaii and not chopper.

  21. NW, perhaps it is ripping through homeless encampments, but the police finding dead bodies from COVID are just seeing blue lips and assuming opioids and might not even be testing for COVID. Symptoms will be real similar, and I’d guess blue often puts less effort into homeless people than the middle class.

  22. My… my… my… It’s like they are making shit up as they go along! Best data!?

    The Orange County Health Officer admitted this week that one of the coronavirus victims listed on their website — died in a motorcycle crash. And yet they are pushing these numbers to the public to cause a panic? Dr. Raul Pino told FOX 35: “You could actually argue that the covid had something to do with the crash. I don’t know. We are offering you the best data that we have.”

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