Defund Mayor Frey And The Minneapolis City Council

Norm Coleman – former Senator, and more appositely former mayor of Saint Paul – jumps back from retiredment to pimp-slap Mayor Frey and his City Council for demanding the defunding of the Minneapolis Police.

They’re defunding the wrong part of government:

Remarkably, the same mayor whose lack of leadership led to the ruinous riots and burning of his city, doesn’t agree with dismantling the Police Department. Yet in endorsing the governor’s investigation, Frey said:

“For years in Minneapolis, police chiefs and elected officials committed to change have been thwarted by police union protections and laws that severely limit accountability among police departments. … Breaking through those persistent barriers, shifting the culture of policing and addressing systemic racism will require all of us working hand-in-hand.”

What is it about the culture of politics in Minneapolis that failed time and time again to address what is now labeled “systemic racism” in the city’s Police Department?

Blaming the police union is, no pun intended, a cop-out.

Blaming Republicans isn’t an option as there isn’t an elected Republican in the city as far as the eye can see.

With their city in ruins from lawbreakers who burned it down, the same elected officials whose failed leadership did nothing to eliminate the racism they now lament have seized upon the solution: to disband their Police Department.

Mayor Frey didn’t condemn rioting and looting in his city when he should have but encouraged people intent on looting and burning to wear face masks and stand 6 feet apart from one another.

When a couple of news conferences professing his love for Minneapolis and delivering stern stares at the camera failed to stop the violence, he abandoned the police headquarters in the Third Precinct.

He left citizens and businesses alone to fend for themselves amid marauding mobs who claimed their prize by burning it down and the neighborhood along with it.

The members of the Minneapolis City Council didn’t step up either to protect their citizens. Now they purport to have the best interests of their city in mind with the idea that defunding and dismantling the Police Department is really a better way to ensure public safety.

The lawless always want less law.

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender claims that calling police during an emergency is an act of “privilege.”

On the contrary, the first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens — all its citizens.

It’s depressing that a bit of common sense like this in the public domain feels so extraordinarily wise.

17 thoughts on “Defund Mayor Frey And The Minneapolis City Council

  1. How about we rip the problem out at the roots? Why not defund the Colleges of Liberal Arts?

    Don’t get me wrong, art history, geography, English lit and grievance studies are all worthwhile hobbies, just as are archery, quilting and auto repair – but taxpayers do not fund the later.

    It is not just the money. It’s the Marxism.

    Years ago, students studied literature in English lit – but then came the 70’s and all literature in college became Chick Lit then Chick Lit of Color and God knows what it is today, probably LGBT/Trans Lit or did we roar past that in the 90′?

    Remember when history students studied history, now they study post-colonial caterwauling.

    If only CLA were just a waste of money, but it has become toxic.

    There are other models for the study of art, writing, history and archaeology. In Minneapolis, there is an organization known as The Loft which teaches creative writing. Students pay their own way and earn no credit, they go there to simply study writing, no partying and running up an enormous taxpayer back debt.

    Keep the medical school, keep the institute of technology – but oh yeah, lose the law school. No one needs that.

  2. Greg,
    Great points.
    Coleman’s missive didn’t go far enough, because he could have pointed out that Edumacation Minnesota, that demands their subjects join in order to teach, yet they are another union that won’t implement accountability measures for teachers and results of the schools and will not protect them from the disruptive students that just want to cause trouble and bully others. It’s time that we de-fund the public screwals and replace them with charter schools.

  3. One of the most historically consistent responses of MANAGEMENT to a recalcitrant UNION is to bust it – fire everybody and hire a new non-Union crew.

    That is what Minneapolis City MANAGEMENT is proposing to do.

    Call it what they will, put on a pretty dress and bright lipstick this pig is still all about Union Busting!

    This foray into Union Busting should deeply concern the holders of the Other 22+ collective bargaining agreements the city is party to.
    Once you illustrate to a leftist that this is Union Busting the cognitive dissonance usually causes them to physically run away.

  4. Coleman’s missive didn’t go far enough

    Coleman falls into that group of non-leftists that never go far enough. Which is why things are as they are now.

  5. Education Minnesota is the very definition of institutional racism. It is also the very heart of the DFL.

  6. How about we rip the problem out at the roots? Why not defund the Colleges of Liberal Arts?

    I’d go one step further to further this goal (with which I agree). Over the past 75 years, a university education has become a kind of day care for feckless, uneducated children. The notion that a sheepskin in something, anything is even necessary to perform work in a government office or corporate cubicle is ridiculous on its face. And these are the successful outcomes; think how many art history or English lit majors are working at Starbucks.

    If the desire to become, say, a doctor, dentist or STEM is present, fine; however, the perceived value of a university education in and of itself has to be lowered to something more realistic.

  7. If the cops feel that a new rule set imposed on them by politicians threatens their safety, they will simply stop enforcing the law. This lack of enforcement will be most noticeable in the parts of Minneapolis where the chance of a violent confrontation is greatest. e.g., the areas with the most street crime.
    Doesn’t look like a successful solution to me, but whatever.
    When I made my decision to retire, I picked a small town about fifty miles from Minneapolis. I thought it might be nice to head into Minneapolis once in a while & take in a concert or a game.
    No more. It’s kind of sad, on my earlier visits I enjoyed bicycling around the lakes.
    and finishing at Minnehaha. No more. I’ll stick to the area around Stillwater & points north.

  8. But maybe the real story is that the StarTribune even published it. Has some senior editor been fired yet for letting it go to print?

  9. So, last evening, a friend of mine, that due to her profession would know, says that there were at least 30 rapes reported during the Minneapolis riots. Most of them were women, but a couple of men, too. And, I’ve seen at least one report that in the Seattle autonomous zone, at least 10 have been reported. The masks provide cover for anarchists, arsonists, looters, general troublemakers and perverts. Why hasn’t the propaganda machine reported this aspect?

  10. Why hasn’t the propaganda machine reported this aspect?

    As stated by Robespierre, one of the leaders of the first socialist revolution, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

  11. … commenting before coffee is like asking to be moderated. And so.

    Why hasn’t the propaganda machine reported this aspect?

    As stated by Robespierre, one of the leaders of the first s@cialist revolution, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

  12. But maybe the real story is that the StarTribune even published it. Has some senior editor been fired yet for letting it go to print? – jimf

    Not surprising at all.

    It needs to be said because rioters burned down Target stores and The Daytons don’t like that – but they can’t say that.

    It needs to be said because the rioters are making condo buyers nervous. I mean, gosh, what if you were a developer who owned land on Lake Street? But developers can’t say that.

    It needs to be said because one day the Convention Center will reopen and convention goers and bookers have other options – but the city can’t say that.

    So they get Norm to say it, so they don’t have to.

  13. Hahahaha! I am the Great Akismet. You think your punt attempts to fool me will work? Hah! I see right through them. Double moderation for you!

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