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It’s juuuuuust possible some journos are seeing what some of us have been saying forever: the media’s power to euphemize can be a evil thing:

Ms. Hockert; there’s a long way to go. But it’s a start.

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  1. Boy, I can’t decide which aspects of this whole kerfuffle in the Twin Cities are my favorites. On the one hand, you got journalists arguing over what euphemism to use to describe wide-spread criminal activity. On the other, there are lefties trying to figure out how to blame it all on Trump.

    … on the third hand, the overflow into St Paul (and suburbs?) which had nothing to do with the original incident is pretty fascinating too.

  2. jdm;
    Mark my words. If the National Guard activates as expected (they are staging in several areas), anything that happens as a result, will be blamed on Trump.
    I’m sure that Emery is watching the media intently for his next talking points.

  3. ^^
    “A riot is the language of the unheard” ~ Dr Martin Luther King

    I don’t believe Dr King did not have in mind looting a Target for TVs when he said this. There is no excuse for felony theft.

  4. Agree about Amy H. Amy K on the other hand, has dived into trivia answer territory for her alleged failure to indict the cop at the center of this after he shot a perp who was knifing people. Word of the day: feckless, as in the Boy mayor fecklessly blamed everything but 50 years of DFL control of government for the troubles.

  5. Now, Kim Jong Walz opens his press conference by vilifying the entire law enforcement community, then says he took a call from his “good friend Torres Ray, telling him that her district was burning, but there were no police, no fireman. Her constituents were locked in their houses”. Well, no shit, Sherlock! Then, he went on a rant about a CNN crew, that was instigating a confrontation by failing to follow state trooper’s orders to move out the area, then they were arrested. He took a call from an angry Jeff Zuckerberg, the president of the Communist News Network , and he apologized, because this was unacceptable. Yes, your excellency, can’t have your drum beaters arrested now, can we? Even when they are compromising the safety of your subjects. Ass wipe!

  6. “A riot is the language of the unheard” ~ Dr Martin Luther King

    @Emery: I’ve seen this quote around social media a lot these past few days, almost never in it’s entirety. Sometimes used by people as if they’re trying to justify rioting because of MLK’s words. But the full(er) quote is:

    I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality, and humanity.

    Regardless of the details of how George Floyd died, which are still being learned, his death does not excuse this rioting, but it’s not surprising it’s happened. King was on to something over 50 years ago: Just like the alleged behavior of the officers, rioting sets us back from our goals.

  7. How’s, I’m watching your governor right now. He’s blaming the mayors.

    He’s also reiterating what a good job he’s been doing on bat flu…”look, squirrel!!”

    Also, I’m really enjoying the spastic, bald woman they found to act like she’s talking to dead people.

    There is never a better opportunity to observe what worthless POS leftist reprobates are than during an emergency.

  8. Now Hakim X is talking about training cops in dealing with people with chemical abuse crisis. And all the reccomendations Obama made.


    They got the autopsy. That man was fucked up.

  9. What’s lost on all of these buffoons is that although Floyd shouldn’t have died for it, he committed a federal crime, paying for his cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

  10. (1) President: Let’s shoot looters.
    (2) Twitter: That violates our terms of service, so we’ll put up a warning.

    It’s fascinating to see who thinks the big story is (1) and who thinks the big story is (2).

    Don’t underestimate how popular fantasies of mass shootings of minorities will be with Trump’s base. He’ll get a polling bump out of it.

  11. This is no longer a protest about a guy killed by cops in Minneapolis.

    There are damaged/destroyed buildings all over the metro. Big Top Liquor in St. Paul. Lloyd’s Drug Store near Hamline University. Sun Ray shopping center on the East Side. The Dakota County Courthouse in Apple Valley.

    It’s possible that persons of color in Apple Valley felt they needed to do something to show how strongly they felt about the Minneapolis police but with the bus and train service suspended, they were unable to participate in looting Lake Street so they trashed the local courthouse, instead.

  12. Even Diane Mimma, the former local leader of the NAACP said this is not about George Floyd and she is pissed off at these miscreants. She couldn’t get her daughter’s critical prescription from the Target store, due to Emery’s new heroes.

  13. Cop: “Hey, white antifa trustafarian! Get away from that Black guy so I can shoot him without hurting you!”

    You are such a stooge, Emery.

  14. It should serve as a warning to all of us that Trump is calling for the killing of American citizens. He has no respect whatsoever for our basic rights, our dignity, or our lives. This is who he is and what he is capable of when he thinks it serves him personally.

  15. It should serve as a warning to all of us that Trump is calling for the killing of American citizens.

    Whatever your occupation is, Emery, I hope it’s not one that’s detail-oriented. Or requiring reading or listening comprehension skills.

  16. Woolly the Oracle wrote:
    “And once again I have to give myself props for correctly predicting in these very pages that we’d see civil unrest by June 1st if the lockdowns weren’t lifted.”

    Predicting race riots were you? Laughable “props” perhaps…..

    Rioting and looting undermines the cause and the issue of systemic police brutality in our nation, providing people who don’t care to address the issue the excuse they need. Yet, peaceful protesting (taking a knee) was deemed unacceptable. Trying to establish CCRBs and asking police to eradicate fatal brutality which is most often applied to black people has been unsuccessful (for decades). Police departments are often reluctant to root out repeat offenders — negligence which later leads to death and costly payouts. Rather than a President and Justice Department which takes steps to address what has become a nationwide problem, Trump encourages armed protests and resistance for (mostly white) people angry about stay at home orders and masks. Trump encouraged violence towards arrestees and protesters during his campaign, tossing fuel onto the fire.

    This is Trump’s America — American carnage.

  17. As usual, Emery, you prove your complete lack of comprehension. Take Trump’s tweet and you jump on the useful idiots bandwagon. Oh, wait…my bad. You’ve never been off of that bandwagon. As we have seen via past riots, wherever there is looting, shots start being fired, re Louisville. Numb nuts!

  18. Like everyone else, when I meet up with people i know we chat about covid-19 & our fears for the economy. My friends are a mix of people near retirement age and people I know from work. My personal friends are a mix of conservatives and liberals. People I know from work are overwhelmingly liberal.
    When talking about covid-19, the risks of getting the virus, and the lockdown we are under, not one single person i know has mentioned Trump. Not a one. The governor, yes, the mayors of he various isalnds, and their officials, yes, but Trump? Never. Because Trump has nothing to do with the reality of covid-19 in peoples’ lives. It’s all state & local.
    But Emery cannot write a single comment about ANY aspect of the covid-19 crisis w/o putting Trump front and center.
    Emery is Captain Ahab, and Trump is his Moby Dick. In the novel, Moby Dick represents the powerful force that controls man’s fate — God, or the Universe — and Moby Dick is evil. But Moby Dick is only these things to Ahab, because Ahab is insane.
    To everyone else in Moby Dick, the white whale is just a whale.
    It’s sick. He needs help.

  19. Last nights festivities left me quite unsatisfied. The junta running MN left the keys in the ignition, the engine running told the kids to have fun and went to bed.

    They got off to a good start;?I expected Minneapolis to be reduced to vibrant ashes, but what did we get?

    A few empty liquor stores, couple ATM’s smashed.

    Now they’re all back at the crib, drinking free liquor and hooking up their new 52” flatscreens.

    Pathetic display.

    Now MinniFry and Sgt. Major Walz are screaming like little girls and Drumpf will send hard men to take control. Party is over.

  20. Democrats find out that bullying around law-abiding people trying to keep their businesses viable, go to work, go to school, go to church, etc is somewhat easier than dealing with criminals.

  21. Trump’s claims of “American carnage” was a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Promises made, promises kept.

    Trump is so good at projecting, he can literally project into the future.

  22. @Ian — You can’t really walk back enthusiastic expressions of bloodlust. Thank you!

  23. Well, I broke my rule about not reading emetic’s posts, and am reminded why I stopped in the first place.

    -a long obvious cut and paste
    -the riots are Trump’s fault ( I guess he called the mayor and ordered him to abandon the police station)
    -and overall, a sense of smug that this will hurt Trump and/or Republicans

    Leftists like him have no idea how badly this will redound against democraps.

    The stupid with this one,it burns, it freezes.

    Lulz, Trumps riots. At least I got a laugh out of it.

  24. DeBlasio is welcoming Floyd protests in NYC. In the most locked-down city & state in the country. And he told them to respect the police.
    Is it any wonder we treat our political elites like the jokes that they are?

  25. MP, justice demands NYC burn. The grieving community has said nothing else will suffice… so I hope all the outside agitators act on DeBlasio’s invitation to travel from MPLS to NYC right away and get to work.

    MPLS is pretty well cleaned out anyway, and NYC is full of reprayshuns just waiting to be collected.

  26. If you are a journalist & you write an expose on the KKK, you get a Pulitzer. If you are a journalist and you write an expose of antifa, you get fired. And on your way home someone breaks your teeth with a bicycle lock.

  27. @Ian — You can’t really walk back enthusiastic expressions of bloodlust. Thank you!

    @Emery, we’ve been down this road before. I can understand where your hatred of the man leads you to fervently believe he said or wrote something that is morally indefensible to you. But I suppose if you argued with the facts on your side, it’d be less entertaining to us.

  28. Trump’s claims of “American carnage” was a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Conor Friedersdorf, the moonbat that wrote the Atlantic article E. Dimwit is plagiarizing, wouldn’t be as outraged about the theft of his property as amused by Dimwit’s complete lack of comprehension in using it in this context.

  29. Yea, chopper, as you have seen, I have blasted Emery’s complete lack of comprehension many times, but, he still doesn’t get it.

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