Techno Peasants, Arise!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There’s definite technological and age bias in the Governor’s Stay Home order.
Sure, curbside and drive-thru are open. But to pick up at the curbside, you must place an online order, and I can never make their menu website work. Old people are less tech-savvy. The order is age discrimination.

And to go through the drive-thru takes a million years because all the people who formerly parked to go inside and talk to one of the three order-takers at the counter, are now waiting to talk to the one order-taker on the tinny box. Cars at Chick-fil-A are backed up all around the parking lot, out across the driving lane, all the way to Barnes & Noble. I can never understand what the order-taker is squawking. Probably slight loss of hearing, what with being old and all. Again, more age discrimination.

What was wrong with going to Keys, sitting in a booth where the nice lady would take my order for meatloaf, bring me some water and bread, I could relax and read a book until my order came?

Joe Doakes

I’m thinking about building a replica of Mickey’s Diner (the one on West 7th, not downtown) in my basement.

6 thoughts on “Techno Peasants, Arise!

  1. The other night I went to pick up my fried chicken from the 5/8 Club on Robert Street in West St Paul. I need to hang a U turn to get to the entrance. Now I’d rather be sitting IN the 5/8 Club having my burgers or chicken served to me by wait staff and have a beer or two. The onion straws are to die for.

    Well, I sat at the light for 3-4 cycles because everyone was lined up for the drive through at Raising Canes that it blocked the street in many directions. I finally drove past the intersection, came around the other way, and broke some minor traffic laws to get my chicken. Their chicken is good too.

  2. JD;
    I agree on Keys. I also like Patrick McGovern’s.

    Well, went to the Chick-fil-A in Bloomington last night at about 5:45 p.m and was out of the lot with my food in about 17 minutes.

  3. McGovern’s, for a turkey commercial with a pint of Guinness on tap.

    The Governor said the other day, there was no point in opening restaurants because customers would be too afraid to eat there.

    I’m willing to risk it.

  4. Be sure your Mickey’s replica is ADA-compliant! (Of course, if it was, it wouldn’t be Mickey’s).

    Per Mr. Fisch, I hit the Cane’s about once a week; I don’t know what it is they do that keeps their chicken fingers so moist and tender, but they do it very well.

  5. JD;
    Yup! That’s exactly the sandwich that I would eat there. I think that they roast like 50 turkeys per day there.

    And, as usual, Emperor Wally is full of crap!

    If people are not scared to go get candy, then they will certainly not be scared to go to a restaurant.

    In every state where the restaurants have opened, there were throngs of people coming in and waiting to do so.

  6. In every state where the restaurants have opened, there were throngs of people coming in and waiting to do so.

    True, but they may be waiting because due to social distancing and the customer’s expectations, the restaurant is only seating about half the number they used to at a time.

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