Civil Disobedience

Saint Paul barbershop, facing a life-or-death business decision, chooses life:

In the shadows of the State Capitol, King Milan Barbershop had, for the first time in seven weeks, its lights on. Milan Dennie is the owner.

“It’s my livelihood,” Dennie said. “I’ve been sitting here coming up with strategies and plans on how to open up and do it correctly.”

His customers outside had at least two things in common: The plea to reopen businesses, and the need for a haircut.

For two hours, Dennie enforced social distancing and sanitizing as a way to prove he’s serious for the 16 clients he served.

Government chooses…

…well, not “death”.  

Let’s go for “mindless, unquestioning acquiescence to even the most arbitrary decision of The State”

The 17th person to walk in was St. Paul police.

“We just stepped outside and he talked to me,” Dennie said. “He said he feels what I’m going through, but the order is in place right now.”

Technically, the state can shut him down and fine Dennie up to $25,000. He’s aware he could lose his shop by this decision to reopen. He’s convinced he’d lose it by staying closed.

When the doors did close, donations came in along with support. Some from fellow barbers who are also stressed from not providing.

“Everybody keeps saying, ‘File this, file that.’ You file everything you want to, until your hands hurt,” Burnsville barbershop owner Nile House said. “You can keep typing til your hands are aching, but you’re not going to get it because it’s not coming.”

When people stop respecting what government does, you can expect people to start working around, rather than with, it.

8 thoughts on “Civil Disobedience

  1. The Dallas hair salon shop owner was sentenced to 14 days in jail for violating the order. The judge deemed her selfish for opening. Reading the article, she politely chastised the judge, but her lawyer was a little more harsh. He will appeal, of course.Obviously, this was just another leftist judge on a power trip. If I were a liberal, I would point out that the judge, who happens to be black, was just fighting back against “white privilege”.

  2. I read somewhere, that your Governor is expected to extend martial law again when it expires on the 18th.

    Wonder how long he thinks he can keep this up? Desperate people do desperate things, and nothing good usually follows.

  3. I heard talk on the radio yesterday about Speakeasy haircare salons that have been popping up. Just like saloons did during Prohibition. I’ve cut my own hair for years, but notice some people are getting quite ragged. And, there’s a lot more grey hair out there than I realized.

  4. Actually, shaking, there apparently a black market hair stylist movement going on in many cities, apparently including the Twin Cities. They will come to your house to perform hair styling, color, etc. I’m looking for one.

  5. We should consider the failure of the 1st round of PPP allegedly earmarked for small business that wound up in publicly, some foreign, held companies, instead of with the small businesses they were supposed to help. While finger pointing and the blame game are counter productive, so are hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars winding up in foreign banks or not reaching the small business owners they were intended for.

    In a time lots of money is exchanging hands, it’s concerning the inspector general who was supposed to over see this was removed.

    The swamp is still the swamp.

  6. Boss – probably about the same thing. Which option is less likely to get caught by a snitch though? Probably better to not be in a fixed location where everyone leaving has freshly groomed hair.

    Do it smart – cash only, leave the phone at home, work only with people you know. And, no income tax on it!

  7. And, no income tax on it!

    Gonna be a lot of that coming up.

  8. hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars winding up in foreign banks or not reaching the small business owners they were intended for.

    Sounds like an argument for instead letting private enterprise re-open and manage themselves. No real surprise graft “economic incentives” should end up in congressional legislation.

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