While The Cat’s Aw…Isolated

“States of Emergency” are like catnip for government. Transparency rules get “relaxed” in “everyone’s best interest”, so government can “get things done”.

Of course, it’s not all “Emergency” stuff getting done. The Saint Paul City Council is jamming down an exquisitely expensive rework of Ayd Mill Road – a road that rides like an Andean goat path, whose repaving has been held hostage as the Right Crowd tries to get it turned into their pet path, a bikeway with one lane of car traffic in each direction rather than the current two-ish, at at least quadruple the cost.

And…whatdya know, the dog ate the public hearings.

This is life in a one-party town with an “emergency”.

2 thoughts on “While The Cat’s Aw…Isolated

  1. Burgermeister Freyin Minneapolis has a nice little 3-person mini-council established to take “quick action” on things too important to work through proper channels of review, including City Council meetings. Technically, all actions of this star chamber must eventually be ratified by the full Council (yeah, right). About the only good news is that Alondra Cano wasn’t included. The rest of it stinks to high heaven, but Strib seems to think it’s a good idea – or at least, not worth looking into.

    I’ll be so glad when, after this social distancing and working from home catches on, a lot fewer people realize that they don’t need to live and work within the Minneapolis city limits, and can largely ignore these dystopian masters.

  2. The Bloods in Minneapolis have the old rail corridor bike trail to work in. The Crips in Saint Paul need an economic zone of their own.

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