I Heard It On The NARN

We had a couple calls to action on this week’s show.

Opioid Law Reform

Here’s the link to Rep. Munson’s fact page on opioid law reforms and his “intractable pain” bill, HF3746, which will reform the blunt-force abuses in MInnesota’s prescription opioid laws. The current law forces professionals – doctors, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists and even veterinarians – to be far, far too cautious about helping people with long-term, intractable pain.

Please – call your legislators and have them support HF3746 (and its upcoming companion in the Senate).

The Truth about Coronavirus

And here’s Dr. Cathaleen Madsen’s piece on the realities of dealint with the Covid19 virus – and, really, all viral epidemics. Read it and be informed – something the mainstream media, in its lust to undercut the Trump administration, will effect only as a last resort.

4 thoughts on “I Heard It On The NARN

  1. Wonderful piece on the virus.

    Before I read it, I dropped $100 this weekend at Sam’s Club on canned tuna, chicken, stew, soup, nuts, bottled water and Ibuprofen. Already had hot sauce and coffee – those are like gas in the car, never below half. Not much of a “prepper,” I know. If I never need any of it, what the hell, that’s less than I’d spend on a trip to Mystic or dinner for two with a couple of drinks.

    Based on the linked article, I think I’ll look into hand sanitizer, behind-the-counter cold medicine and extra TP. Won’t need any more precious metal. Lost all the firearms in that tragic canoe accident, you know. Good think the ammo boxes didn’t fall in with them. Still plump full and luckily, none of them have an expiration date.

    That ought to get me through a couple of weeks.

  2. Appreciated the sensible information about Covid-19. I hope all the lefty trolls get trampled in food panics at Whole Foods. I went to Walmart today with other proles. No crowds, plenty of food. I predict in one year this mess will be forgotten. A lot of us will have antibodies to Covid-19 and we won’t recall being sick. Note to people living in retirement: don’t sell any stocks. If anything, look for bargains and buy. With luck, Bernie will be waving his arms to empty halls and selling books to foolish millennials.

  3. Golf – I was out at Costco over the weekend, and nearly every cart had a case or two of bottled water. The hand sanitizer was gone – the staff were telling people when the next couple shipments were due. I did find hand sanitizer wipes.

    I’ve overbought canned goods for years – I probably have a couple months’ supply of canned food tucked away here and there.

    I am looking forward to seeing how my Ecolab stock does over this next few months.

  4. I have only prepped with water and TP. Bought 4 40 bottle packs from Costco, one of which was dug into by my daughter’s bday party. I’d like to get 3 more so I have 6 total unopened. Depending on what happens, 40 1L bottles is 5 or so days of drinking water consumption in our house. My work is littering its buildings with hand sanitizer and I am not above tucking a bottle or two in the laptop bag on the way out the door if the stores are sold out.

    I’ve got plenty of cleaning supplies. I’m more worried about food. Unlike Mitch, we do not have a stock of canned food. My wife doesn’t like most canned food and prefers to make it fresh.

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