The Number You Need

As I write this, Ed and I are interviewing Rep. Tom Price on what you and I can do to push back against the healthcare bill, which should be coming up to a vote this week, quite likely on Christmas Eve.

You need to call the House at 202.224.3121.  Call Collin Peterson to thank him for being on the right side so far, and ask him to stay on the right side.  Also Represenatives Stupak, Tanner, Baird, Gordon and Moore, all of whom are vulnerable. 

We’re getting close to the “for all the marbles” phase.

8 thoughts on “The Number You Need

  1. I’m guessing that you probably won’t be mentioning Palin winning the 2009 Lie of the Year award for her death panel statements with an overwhelming 61% of the vote.

    Glenn Beck was second, Orly Taitz was third. Bachmann came in third from last just above Joe Biden and Nita Lowey.

    But you probably don’t want to talk about that?

  2. Dog Gone it your right, I don’t care what the Koz kids have to say.

    The lap dogs are voting for this unless Comrade Pelosi allows them to vote no.



    Politifact – a “fact-checking” column from the St. Petersburg Times?

    Let me get this straight – a bunch of mindless B-list media hacks – a class of people who’ve been dedicating to context-free slander of conservatives for generations – have generated yet another risk-free, context-free slander of…a conservative?

    Who cares?

    Seriously – who are they, and why should anyone care what they have to say?

    But you probably don’t want to talk about that?

    It’s not so much “want” as “care”. We conservatives put “death panels” in context long ago; to quote the sage, “I suppose you don’t want to talk about that?”.

    When I care what an offshoot of a D-list editorial board thinks about any conservative, you may rest assured I’ve lobotomized myself with a rusty crowbar.

    And other than the fact that they coincide with your prejudices about Palin, why should you care, for that matter?

  4. This is weird. Dashboard tells me that you have two new posts up on Sunday morning, but I can’t see them on your site.

  5. The “posts” counter is the aggregate total of all posts in the database, including drafts (there are about 60 of ’em between the three of us) and posts that are scheduled for later publication (probably about 40).

    I saved three posts this morning that are scheduled for publication this week sometime.

  6. Dashboard is an application running on my computer that lets me know when the blogs I follow have a new post. I don’t think a draft would register, unless you posted it and then changed it to draft status.

    Not complaining, just wondering.

  7. This bill is the perfect vehicle for exposing liberal perfidy. When it comes right down to it, these trolls could really give a shit whether their legislation causes harm, does good or does nothing at all. All that matters is that they “win”.

    Can’t wait until next election…it’s going to be a doozy for the party of scrubs. I’ve made my calls.

  8. BTW, Doggone…just what the hell does Palin have to do with the march to socialism we’re discussing? If you don’t have anything constructive to say (Ha!) regarding the topic at hand, please do us all a favor and take your pissy little screeds on over to the Sorosphere.

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