Lie First, Lie Always: We’ve Been Through This, Right?

As we noted earlier this week, Roseau County became Minnesota’s first Second Amendment Sanctuary county.

And you just knew the “Reverend” Nancy Nord Bence wouldn’t take long for an…


…er, “interesting” take on the situation.

But she pretty much outdid herself on Twitter:

The county commission was “bullied”? Huh. Sounds serious. Was there anything to “Protect” MN’s claim?

Sheesh. It’s the “Reverend” Nancy Nord Bence. We’ve been through this before, right?

A Roseau County Commissioner left a comment on “Protect” MN’s Facebook page:

“Completely made-up”.

What concerns me here is this: leftists pretty much up and down the food chain, from Nancy Pelosi down to “Reverend” Nord Bence, have learned that their constituency just doesn’t do critical thinking. If they say something, they know there’s not going to be anyone catching them after the rally trying to check them on any of it.

BIg Left is building a legion of the invincibly ignorant.

And while it’s not working in Roseau County, the post about Roseau County wasn’t aimed at rural Minnesota. It’s aimed at trying to keep the hordes of people in the third ring suburbs who voted DFL terrified.

Will it work?

1 thought on “Lie First, Lie Always: We’ve Been Through This, Right?

  1. We can only hope that it works, Mitch.

    Democrats are constantly being told lies, so once they hear something, it’s pretty hard to even get them to listen to the truth, let alone believe it.

    Rob Doar was on the other Twin Cities conservative talk show a few months ago and said that prior to the last hearing in St. Paul, he had the opportunity to sit down with some of the orange shirts and talk to them, without their knowing who he was. He shared some facts on gun violence and crimes with them, to which they replied that they didn’t realize them. He continued that he asked that they look at the facts and encourage their co protesters to do the same, before they made their decisions and formed their opinions.

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