In Re The Collapse Of Civics Education

He’s mad so he’s suing because the primary election ballot has limited choices.  Party officials decide who we get to vote for. 
You’re just figuring this out, now?  Never heard of the smoke-filled back room?
The entire point of a political party is so that voters won’t have to study every candidate’s slate of ideas.  Instead, if some is endorsed by the Marijuana Reform Party, voters can be assured the candidate will support reforming the laws governing marijuana.  
There isn’t a penny-worth of difference between all the Democrat candidates so running all of them makes no difference to eventual party success.  “Vote for [insert name here]” would work just as well because in the end, they all vote in lock-step for the same things. 
The Republican party has come around in the last three years.  They now want Trump to win so naturally, they’re not interested in other candidates stealing his donations of time or money.  They don’t have a serious primary challenger and don’t want one.  That’s the party’s choice.  If you don’t like it, join a different party or form your own.
The Supreme Court ought to throw out the lawsuit as meritless but since it’s a chance to bash Republicans in general and Trump in particular, I could see the court ruling that Republicans violated the spirit of the intent of the concept of democracy by restricting voter choices and therefore all Republican candidates must be stricken from the primary election ballot.  And since that means Trump can’t win the primary, he can’t be listed as the candidate in the general, so Biden wins Minnesota by default.
Joe Doakes

I started laughing – until I remembered Berg’s 21st Law: “When it comes to “progressive” policy, yesterday’s absurd joke is today’s serious proposal and tomorrow’s potential law.”

I’m’ not laughing any more.

4 thoughts on “In Re The Collapse Of Civics Education

  1. Think that Minnesota could go full scale Murkowski and Trump win a primary write in vote? Nah, me neither.

  2. Pardon the threadjack:

    The left and mediots (birm) are calling the attacks in Iraq “Trump’s Benghazi”.

    But, but, I thought Benghazi wasn’t the dems fault, and didn’t reflect badly on the pols (Hills and Obumbler) in question?

    So confused.

  3. As long as we are threadjacking here. 🙂

    Check out the conservative comedian, Will Franken. His bit titled: “Will Franken @ Comedy Unleashed – Climate Change and Greta Thunberg” on Youtube is freak’n hilarious.

    It is about time, the right produced something this godawful funny.

  4. Joe’s argument would have been fine when the parties choose their nominee at the convention or did a straw poll on caucus night. But now that the state of Minnesota is conducting a primary election to facilitate the parties choosing their candidates, the taxpayers have a vested interest in making this an open and fair election.

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