“The Simple Fact”

Start running down the list of bald-faced lies – stuff no rational person believes – that Democrat politicians say with a straight face, straight into the camera, over and over and over.

It’s a long, long list:

  • “Trump’s election was illegitimate!”
  • “We’ve got more ‘gun violence’ now than ever before!”
  • “The ‘Republican War on Women'”
  • “Nixon won because all the racists came over to the GOP, and stayed”
  • “Nobody’s coming for your guns!”
  • “We’ve got twelve years to solve manmade global warming!”
  • “Increasing public school funding directly benefits The Children!”
  • “Children! In cages! It’s Trump’s fault!”
  • “90% of the people want “universal” background checks on guns!”
  • “Abortion is about womens’ health!”
  • “Trump attacked women!”

I’ve only scratched the surface, of course (Indeed, I should start compiling a master list).

Why is this?

This tweet really explains it:

And the Dems’ leadership knows it to be a fact.

Which is why they keep flooding the zone with so much utter twaddle. If their “market” weren’t buying, they wouldn’t be selling.

9 thoughts on ““The Simple Fact”

  1. The simple fact is that the Democrats were the party that turned away Jewish refugees and filled concentration camps with Americans during World War Two.

  2. comprehension and understanding isnt in the leftists ability. As Dennis Prager has said many times “Trith is not a Left wing value” and “Being on the Left means never having to say your sorry.”

  3. No matter how many times you tell them Mary and Joseph were citizens responding to a census. Their programming says “immigrants.”

    Ummmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhh…. The Holy Family fled King Herod’s murder of male children and took refuge in Egypt. Flight to Egypt

  4. Mitch can speak for himself, but I interpret his comment to address this sort of silliness:


    The Flight to Egypt originated in Bethlehem, where they were living in the manger, because the Romans demanded a personal appearance for the census.

    We’re much more sophisticated nowadays. We count a few people and then extrapolate the number of people living rough, which we use to calculate the amount of money we need for welfare.

  5. Joe, the link was kinda weird. While the article acknowledged that the Holy Family was refugees, the author stated: “There were no illegal border crossings at any time.”


    How exactly does the author know this? I would think that every state throughout history had some kind of border control.

    But let’s talk about refugees, which the Holy Family certainly was, at least for a time. Our laws are rather generous to refugees – but strict. If a refugees is being threatened BY THEIR GOVERNMENT, under international law, the <b<country immediately bordering their country is compelled to grant asylum.

    Thus, if someone is fleeing a bad neighborhood in Hondurans, neither Mexico nor the United States is compelled to take them in.

    Now, the Holy Family was being threatened BY THEIR GOVERNMENT and Egypt was directly across the border, so under modern law, they would be considered valid refugees….but who knows how it worked then?

  6. In the ancient world most people were subjects of a monarch, not citizens of a country.
    In general, the authority of a political state extended only to areas it controlled. The Greek city states controlled the territory that troops, quartered in their city, could physically ride out into & back in a day or so.
    Finding yourself in another country, surrounded by people whose language you could not speak, and whose customs you did not know, would have been a terrifying experience for most people. In some places strangers were not given protection of the law. Roman authorities were concerned with keeping order and collecting taxes, and little else. Day to day legal issues were left to the local authorities.

  7. A good book, for those into it, to explain the propensity of the Left to demonize their enemies, is Thomas Sowell’s “The Vision of the Anointed.” You can guess from the title who he’s talking about.

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