Machine Against The Rage

SCENE: Mitch BERG sees a flatbed cargo bike, with a parka-clad rider, bogged down in a snowdrift. He pulls his car over to help…

only to see that the driver is Avery LIBRELLE.


BERG: Uh, hey, Avery. Looks like you’re stuck…

LIBRELLE: Don’t change the subject. Elizabeth Warren, like Kamala Harris before her, is falling in the polls because of sexism!

BERG: Sexism among Democrat primary voters?

LIBRELLE: Stop deflecting! She’s being targeted because white cis-males can’t stand an angry woman!

BERG: Huh. So even as the guardians of White Liberal Progressive culture tell us that “female rage” is a positive virtue, something to be celebrated on pain of social ostracism, you’d have me believe that Fauxcahontas, seeking the support of the people that support this view, is suffering from a patriarchal disdain for female rage?

LIBRELLE: Hey! You called her Fauxcahontas! Show some respect!

BERG: Warren has admitted she lied about the whole thing, and I have no respect for her whatsoever. So – either Warren is just a terrible candidate, or it’s the Democrat voters who can’t deal with “female rage”. (BERG gives a mighty push and dislodges the cargo bike)

LIBRELLE: (Pedaling merrily away) Clearly you’re a misogynist!

BERG: (Yelling after h…er, hi…er, LIBRELLE without any especial gusto) Clearly.

(BERG resumes trudging up the street)


4 thoughts on “Machine Against The Rage

  1. This is so awesome, so much cognitive dissonance on the left!

    They can’t even see the contradiction, dhimmi primary, racist coverage by the mainstream mediots.


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