8 thoughts on “Surprise In The Box!

  1. Republicans provided $33B to Israel which covers abortion under their free health care system. Why dont Republicans pull this money until Israel changes their laws?

  2. gotta call BS on your comment Emery
    Israel stopped receiving Economic Aid in 2007
    ASHA aid only totals about $180 million over past 70 years
    total US aid to Israel over 70 years is about $139 billion

    so pretty much nothing you said is relevant
    just the usual bilious antisemitic tropes we’ve come to expect from you.

  3. It never ever fails. Leftie writes some BS, is called on it, doesn’t debate, doesn’t provide different links, hell, doesn’t even respond and then, hours later, returns with something new as if the previous remark had never been written. And by “new”, I mean, the default attack “Orange Man bad”.

  4. It’s telling that an article about trauma bandages from Israel is responded to by Emery with hits about indictments and abortion. It is as if he’s….driving an agenda that says something about his views of the only free country in the Middle East or something.

    But if we must talk about the indictments, at least the previous round of them were said to have been incredibly politically motivated on the part of the left. Time will tell on this round, but all in all, “Mueller investigation” sounds like a somewhat charitable view.

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