This is from a few years ago – but the sentiment is growing, at least among our self-appointed idiot elite. It’s from Roxane Gay, a feminist professor who, for some reason, got a writeup in the NYTimes:

Men can start putting in some of the work women have long done in offering testimony. They can come forward and say “me too” while sharing how they have hurt women in ways great and small.

OK, here goes.

My Testimony: I have hurt women in one small – almost infinitesimal – way; I mock and taunt the likes of Roxane Gay for being the Robespierrian ninnies they truly are. I do the mocking and taunting because bellowing “you people are nothing but pseudointellectual brownshirts, peddling a form of groupthink that can only lead inexorably to totalitarianism” gets tiring.

I mock and taunt them because the world they want – where the “wrong” people are guilty until proven innocent, and innocence can never be proven because guilt is a matter of identity more than action – is worth fighting against. And fighting with mocking and taunting is better than doing it with guns and bombs and tanks, although I doubt the likes of Professor Gay’s followers know how or why.

This mocking and taunting no doubt infuriates Professor Gay – and I no doubt hurt her and her like among the weaker sex (“progressive” “feminist” “woke” “men” and their various female accomplices) in saying so. But much as they all may wish to bully me into acquiescence, I just won’t do it.

Which, no doubt, hurts them even more.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

5 thoughts on “#MeThree

  1. Years ago I had a girlfriend who was crazy. She used to hit me. Seriously hit me. She wasn’t kidding around. She also used to like to get into drag out fights in public places, I think in an effort to make me hit her (I never did). She didn’t drink, her fury was not fueled by alcohol.
    She is a highly credentialed medical professional. It took about two seconds on Google to discover she is very high up in the hierarchy in her profession (she works in Saint Paul).
    Maybe I should #metoo her as a public service?
    In case you are wondering, the sex was great. It just came with too much crazy.

  2. City Pages had a story today about a developer who attended a community meeting to review his request for a zoning variance that would let him build fewer parking spaces in his apartment development. The people who already live in the neighborhood had some strong, negative reactions to what the variance would do to parking and traffic in the vicinity.

    After the variance was denied, the developer said he felt “bullied” by the community.

  3. Well, naturally you feel that way, Mitch. You have “male privilege.” You live in a society built by males, run by males, for the benefit of males (and their “dependents,” a word to designate people who are subservient to and subordinate to males).

    Plainly, you need to rid yourself of your male privilege. I suspect this woman would be glad to lend you her hedge shears. Maybe even volunteer to operate them. Don’t give her your home address.

  4. Bout thirty years ago, I knocked a bich tfo when she was slow wit dat got dayum sammich one too many times, an I hadda get up to get it.

    You might think dats wrong (probably not), but listen; dat bitch learned to put a tasty sammich out in minutes; with a beer IN A COLD GLASS. I hear she’s happily married today with lots of kids, drives a BMW.

    I take credit for turning her life around. If I’d have had more time, who knows how many women I coulda straightened out? A fella can only do so much.

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